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EV 10 OWA external access multiple servers

Created: 18 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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I would like to ask if someone deployed external OWA access to multiple EV servers. TMG will be used to publish EV.

If you have you deployed it or have ideas how to to do it, please share info. I done OWA to single server, but never to multiple.

Thank you

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What i the need for specifying multiple EV Servers to be targeted?

suppose you could always just have something like -> http://evserver1.internal.dom/EnterpriseVault/ -> http://evserver2.internal.dom/EnterpriseVault/

Then you can configure different policies and different CAS servers .config files to use the different external webapp URL, but I just honestly can't think of a use case as for why you would want to do that 

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Thank you for reply!

What i am looking for is to make it simple. Kind of access to one server which can redirect request to rest of servers based on users archive location.

Users will be homed on multiple servers. Internal OWA is no issues, but external as I see tricky here.

I want to use one IP for listener only. Another thing I would like to create servers aliases DNS based on external DNS not internal one.

Any suggestions for that>

Thank you again

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Well the thing is EV can proxy the requests easily.

So typically what you will see is something like  -> http://evserver1.internal.dom/EnterpriseVault

Then regardless of whether the user is on EVServer1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc that one EV Server will authenticate, retrieve, store, host Archive Explorer and Search etc all from that one machine.
That way you are only publishing/exposing one EV Server on the internet as opposed to multiples.

So i know internally, if you open up Archive Explorer or Search from within Outlook, EV will redirect you to use the web server that hosts your Archive/Vault Store

So if you are on EVServer5, it will point you to http://evserver5.internal.dom/EnterpriseVault/
But you could if you wanted to go to http://evserver1.internal.dom/EnterpriseVault/ and it would still work, it would still retrieve items and show you AE, and its the same way tha tthe OWA extensions would work.

Unfortunately, there is no way (that i know of at least) to allow you "Load Balance" a single published directory and have it determine your archive server and redirect the requests there