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EV 10.0.1 Email archiving over low link

Created: 19 Nov 2012 • Updated: 28 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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Please suggest what is the best way to setup email archiving for 10 remote sites.

Currently customer has 1 EV server archiving excahnge servers in central location. EV Server has enough capacity to add more mailboxes. However not sure what would be the best practice to set this up. Some remote sites are on 2MB, 100MB, 10 MB and even 1MB link.

Many Thanks in advance

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The exchange servers are local to EV or remote??

Typically you would have the exchange servers in the central office, even for the remote sites

Regardless though, I'd suggest keeping EV centralized as if you install the servers remotely it will constantly be communicating with the centralized directory database

Unless you wanted to do one EV site per location which could quickly turn in to an administrative nightmare

If it were me I would keep exchange and EV all in one location and enable EV auditing

I would then monitor bandwidth usage and item access reports after enabling users for EV

If the bandwidth and/or access was high enough I would consider vault cache and virtual vault, however I would make it read only

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Hi JW thanks for your reply,

Currently Exchange 2010 and EV 10 are in Central location.

Some remote sites has legacy Exchange 2003 and customer cannot  migrate these mailboxes to Central Just yet.

They would like to enable archiving for thoese remote Exchange 2003 using Central EV server and eventually migrate those mailboxes to Central Exchange 2010. The idea is to slowly archive some older items from Exchange 2003 and get the mailbox in reasonable size for Exchange migration.

Many Thanks

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If the customers plans are to migrate those servers to a central site i guess you answered your own question ;) use a central enterprise vault site..

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How big are the Exchange databases in the remote site and how many users?
If its a handful of users but a really large exchange database, i'd be tempted to exmerge out their entire db and then send the pst's on a hard drive to central and import them there

otherwise if you do the archiving route, which isn't a bad one, but it could saturate the links whilst you are attempting to archive all the items and users are retrieving, but the upside of that is it would make the mailboxes easier and quicker to move in exchange, but you would be using the same amount of bandwidth either way, its just do you use it to archive the mailboxes or move the mailboxes?

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Typically the best solution in this configuration would be to install an EV instance in the remote site and only enable the Archiving Task on that instance targeting the local exchange server, with storage/Databases residing in the central datacenter. This will help to reduce a significant portion of RPC traffic typical between Exchange and EV when archiving. The archived data is then compressed and posted to the MSMQ Storage queues to be picked up and processed thereby reducing some of the traffic overhead. Once the mailboxes are migrated you can then decommission the remote Archiving task EV system.

Obviously bandwidth will still be your biggest concern regardless.And if your users are enabled for Virtual vault/Vault cache that needs to be taken into consideration as well.