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EV 10.0.3 Backups

Created: 02 Apr 2013 • Updated: 22 Apr 2013 | 14 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We upgraded EV to 10.0.3 over the weekend successfully, however just found that 10.0.3 is not supported by BE 2010 or BE 2012?

Would like to know the best way around this and what others have done?

Symantec - When will this version be supported? We have over 5TB in index alone with the vault approaching 4.5TB, at the moment we have no backups for EV. The reason we upgraded in the first place was so that we can close indexes gracefully to reduce our backup window.

Please advise.

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TonySterling's picture

How do you have 5 TB in Indexes but only 4.5 TB of Vault Store Partitions?  That seems a bit odd to me. 

Anyhoo, you will need to configure BE to back up the data locations manually.  I would recommend opening new Index locations and close off the old ones and same with the Vault Store Partitions.  That way you can start backing up the open partitions nightly and just do backups of the closed partition and index locations weekly or so.

Jun1or's picture

Correction Index are 772GB.

I think this will be the best way around this for now. This raised another questions, if we need to restore the closed partitions (closed before the upgrade on v 9.0.1) will these work with version 10.0.3?

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Hi Rob - it only supports 10.0.1 or 2 but Not 10.0.3 according to symantec support.

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Is there a downgrade path to 10.0.2?

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I'd get the name of the person who is saying that in Support, because it contradicts the Compatibility List, which is meant to be 'better than gospel'.

I also can't personally see anything different from a backup point of view between the different EV 10 service packs.

Perhaps they're talking pure CERTIFICATION terms?  i.e. it's not yet been officially certified to work against BE 2010 or 2012?

And the downgrade path is to restore all from backup.

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Thanks Rob.
We are using BE2010 R3 and installed all the patches/hotfixes required for this to work with EV 10. But when running the backup we receive the following error.

I have tried manually putting the index/vault services in backup mode to.

(Server: "BK001") (Job: "BK001 - Enterprise Vault") BK001 - Enterprise Vault -- The job failed with the following error: For the Backup Exec Enterprise Vault Agent, the Enterprise Vault services are not responding to commands sent by Backup Exec. Ensure that the Enterprise Vault Directory Service is running.

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I'm using BE 2012 with EV 10.0.3 with no issues.

I'd suggest troubleshooting the error first of all (and head down the firewall route maybe?).

And like I said this hasn't changed in the life of EV 10....

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Hi Rob are you backing up using the agent listing vault as "directory on EVserver"?

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Thanks Rob.
To break things down, i have only selected the open vault partitions for now and it seems to be backing up, however soon as i select the DBs i receive the above error. It looks like an issue with SQL agent, I have spoken to the DBA and requested a reboot of the SQL box, hopefully this will be done on Friday evening.

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Sounds like a plan. Let us know how it goes, and, if you touch-base with SYMC support.. what they have to say.

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I would agree with Rob nothing will have changed to cause an issue. There was a time when BE documentation broke down it's certification information on a EV service pack by service pack level which is a bit over the top and confusing. I thought they'd corrected that. So ignore what Symantec support tell you, it is supported/should work. If they say it isn't, ask for the case to be escalated and you'll get to someone who'll will tell you it is.


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Sorry for the late response.

Rebooting the SQL server didn't fix the issue, in the end we upgraded to BE 2012 and pushed the agents to the EV servers, we are now successfully backing up EV.

Now that we have closed our 32bit Indexes and only backing up open vault/index has made our backup management so easy. Next step is to convert 32bit indexes to 64.

Thanks for your input, very much appreciated.

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see my post here.

It all depends on which document you read. Backup execs compatability or EV compatibility doco.

Support confirmed with me10.0.3.isnt supported for Vault agent backup. not a good look at all.