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EV 10.0.3 USL (DR) How to?

Created: 20 Mar 2013 • Updated: 05 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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Can anyone please explain the steps i need to do for testing DR of EV 10.0.3 using USL (Update Service Location)

I have 2 EV Servers (EV1 and EV2) - DNS Alias EV is pointing to EV1 (First EV Server)

Now I have installed 3 rd EV Server EV3 but not configured yet.

Question is How do I configure 3rd EV Server s that it is in Standby Mode. What services do I select to have running in EV3? Does it needs any tasks configured? Does it needs index service and index locations as index service woulnd't start without Index location configured?

Now when EV1 fails - what are the steps needed to get EV3 acting as EV1?

We mount the Vault stores and Index into EV3 and Point DNS ALias EV to EV3 (do we need index metada copied over?)

What is the EV1 comes back and we want to get the services back to EV1 from EV3? What are the steps?

Also what would be the steps if we have replicated storage between EV1 and EV3 for Vault sotres and Indexes?

If anyone can please explain in clear steps that would be a real big help!

Many Thanks in advance.

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In brief:

EV3 must have access to the databases and the Indexes and Vaultstores (assuming they're NTFS LUNS).

Configure EV3 with an Alias that fits with your environment but identifies as a DR server, the server then shows in the VAC and had the admin and directory service.  Ensure all server configs are correct (cache location etc)

Down the prod server

change Prod DNS alias to point to EV3 - allow for replication

Run USL.

EV will create the required services on EV3 when you run USL.

Getting it back simply means you need to ensure your Index and VS data are replicated to the production LUNS and the Databases are accessbile (or replicated if your on seperate sites/server).  Then follow the steps above but adding EV1 to the DNS Alias.

Test this in a test environmnet with test data first until you are happy with it and you are confident that your data is replicating 100% using whatever storage you have and replication you employ for the data side.

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Thanks, in EV10 training material it says you must have vault store and indexes in Network storage for USL building block!!!

However if we don't have it on network storage rather we re-mount the NTFS LUN using same drive letters would that work fine?

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Hello EV007.

As long as you have SAME drive letters, it should work.

When doing the USL, you should only be running the Admin and Directory service. After USL has finished, the easiest check is to start the indexservice, and then monitor eventlog.

What I would do BEFORE performing DR is set EV in backup mode. That way no new data will be archived, and the check mentioned above will allow you to fail back without issues.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Thanks evryone for replying.

I have tested this and works fine.

Just one note - when adding a standby EV server just with Admin and Directory service we have to make sure that Cache location is setup for that standby EV Server. Without Chache location set properly USL is not possible.