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EV 8 Report Tool - Determine Potential Single Instance Storage Savings

Created: 30 Mar 2009 • Updated: 23 Nov 2012 | 10 comments
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I haven't upgraded to v8 yet, but I was wondering if there is a reporting tool that analyzes the pre-v8 vaults and will it provide potential storage savings through single instance storage.



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The thing with the new storage architecture is that it is not retrospective so only items that have not currently been archived will be affected by the new storage architecture.
So exactly what is it that you would like?

EV Backline Technical Support Engineer APJ Region

RonK's picture

I was hoping to determine how much space that I might recover by upgrading to v8 using SIS prior to actually upgrading. 

When I was reading the new features of v8, SIS was emphasized.  Therefore, I was hoping that I might recover some storage space since I am on v7 SP1. 

My current vault is over 1TB.


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Hey Ron,
Basically what you are asking for is a vault store convertor for previous versions.  I would love to see some sorta of utility that would do this to take advantage of new OSIS.

As a side question, would this be a utility or service you would be willing to pay for?

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Well, I was hoping that the tool or service was part of the software solution itself.


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I was just curious of how important something like this would be to customers.  You can always tell if something is important if people are willing to pay for it!  :)


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Some of us would love to pay for such options but with very large environments the costs would be crazy.

I do know that a feature request has been submitted regarding the ability to build indexes to a different location while still keeping the existing one online then later on so a sync and cutover from the old index to the new.

Not sure if it has been discussed internally withing Symantec but the feature request is there. I'm sure if they find a way to do it for indexes then they can do it for vault stores.

I do know that there are companies like MichelZ's vcare that provide software that can preform simular tasks.

I believe their site is

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oh yes. Dam right I want that.
But, as Liam says , for my lartge environment probably too costly. However, being a large customer, prices are negotiable right ;-))

Yes, this would be absolutely great. Seeing we have a history of going from 5 to 6 6o 7 to 7.5 to 8, keeping mailboxitems forever, this would definitely help in reducing storage.

Interesting to learn possibilities!


Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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So if someone pulls something out of eVault and it gets vaulted again down the road, is that a "new" item that would use Single Instance Store, or is it still considered "Old" and wouldn't take advantage of SIS?

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Yes the issue of converting data from the old format to the new format has been discussed internally and I will leave that one there :)

So if someone pulls something out of eVault and it gets vaulted again down the road, is that a "new" item that would use Single Instance Store, or is it still considered "Old" and wouldn't take advantage of SIS?

No if you restore an item back to your mailbox then it is stamped with a restoreddate so we know that the item has already been archived. When the time comes again for this to be archived we just change it back to a shortcut pointing to the originbal archived item.

For the new SIS to kick in the item will have to be a new item that has not previously been archived.

EV Backline Technical Support Engineer APJ Region

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We should be able to "convert" to the new Storage format with our Tool, "Archive Shuttle", which basically is an automated export/import of a users Archive, which would lead to the data being rewritten and using the new Storage Model.