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EV 8.0 SP5 (The archived item deletion problem)

Created: 11 Sep 2012 • Updated: 12 Sep 2012 | 14 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi, for some reason the archived item does not delete from the vault. The setting says to delete both shortcut and archived message however it only  shortcut is deleted. The original item stays in the archives. Any suggestion?

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Does the retention category allow the item to be deleted?

Is the item on Legal Hold?

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Also are you able to delete it from ArchiveExplorer or from search?
and EV definitely isn't in backup mode right? and the site settings are set to allow users to delete?

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The retention policy is set for 7 years (automtic items deletion). This problem started after an upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0. The user were able to delete the shortcut and original archieve messages from vault manually (from outlook) before an upgrade. Now only shortcut is getting deleted.


I am able to delete the item using ArchiveExplorer however shortcut does not get remove from mailbox. The system is not in backup mode. Have not start backups yet. At site setting level the box is check "users can delete items from their archieve"

Thank you.

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in the desktop policy, what is the shortcut deletion behavior set to? Shortcut only? archived item and shortcut or ask user?

Make sure its set to either archived item and shortcut or ask user
May need to see a client trace of whats happening when a shortcut delete takes place

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Hi JesusWept3, attached is the desktop's snapshot policy.

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As Alex has said, could you grab a client trace?

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Sorry, I do not know how to grab a client trace. Any docs on it.

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No worries, just click CTRL+SHIFT key together and click on an EV Icon.  There you can set the logging to Maximum.  Close Outlook and re-create the issue, ie, try to delete a shortcut.  Then you can attach the log file here, don't paste it into the thread, just attach it to your post.


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OK. I have checked with two different users and they are able to delete the shortcut and archived items from the vault. They are running Windows XP Sp3, Office 2007 with EV Client 7.5.

I read that I do not need to upgrade EV client because 7.5 clients will work with EV 8.0 Sp5.

The machine I am having issue on is running Windows 7 professional, Office 2010 Plus and EV client 7.5. It is possible there is a computability issue. Any input?

Thank you

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You're running the EV 2007 client on Outlook 2010?
you will definitely need to upgrade the client for that scenario

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Outlook 2010 needs at least EV 9 client which is supported for an EV 8 server.

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Hi, can you tell which version of EV client I need for Office 2010 Plus? Thank you

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You might have missed my post above, you need the EV 9 client as stated here in the Comptability doc:

You can download it as part of the installation media from Fileconnect.

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Great. Just installed the EV 9.0 client on Office 2010 machine and it works fine.

There are two flavors of client

HTTP-only Outlook Add-in

Outlook Add-In

When I tried to run setup.exe from "Outlook Add-In" folder I got prompted to install HTTP-only Outlook Add-in because I have Office 2010. I am not sure what the difference but after installing EV 9.0 client from "HTTP-only Outlook Add-in" folder it seems to work fine is.

Thanks everyone for help.