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EV 8.0.4 Archive task Dtrace

Created: 09 Oct 2012 • Updated: 11 Oct 2012 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.
Archive task is not processing any items, dtarce shows the following enties kept reoccurring, what could be the possible reasons for this?
338047 11:12:41.860 [9484] (ArchiveTask) <7636> EV:M CQueue::Open(lp,dw,dw) (Exit) |<0xc00e0009> |
338048 11:12:41.860 [9484] (ArchiveTask) <7636> EV:L The queue .\private$\Enterprise Vault Archive Agent Admin Queue is already open.|It is likely that another process is running and will be processing the Nack messages placed on this queue.|This Nack Handler will now terminate, as it is redundant.  No additional action is necessary. |
338052 11:13:00.082 [8216] (ArchiveTask) <10224> EV:M CStorageNackHandler::OpenAdminQueue - Opening Queue: [.\private$\Enterprise Vault Archive Agent Admin Queue]
338053 11:13:00.082 [8216] (ArchiveTask) <10224> EV:L CQueue::Open(lp,dw,dw) (Entry) |
338054 11:13:00.082 [8216] (ArchiveTask) <10224> EV:L CQueue::Close (Entry) |
338055 11:13:00.082 [8216] (ArchiveTask) <10224> EV:M CQueue::Close (Exit) |Success  [0] |
Many Thanks

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GertjanA's picture

You might have items sitting on the AdminQueue in the MSMQ

What you could do is to check the queue, and see if those items have been purged.

If they are, you can try to purge that queue, it might be necessary to stop ev-services first.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

ia01's picture

There is nothing in Admin queue, Exchange archiving task A5 queue has item, but not going down at all.

LCT's picture

The MSMQ queue stuff that you see in the dtrace is the norm or red-hering if you like. Need to see the full dtrace for scheduled archiving. It is possible that there is a currupted or large mailbox/messages stuck in the A5 queue that is causing the issue.

Try purging the A5 queue, enable dtrace and then set the schedule archive to start, let it run for a while and check dtrace.

Also anything in the event logs?

Hope that helps.

ia01's picture
Warning Event: 3288 
A problem has occurred while archiving a message. 
The archived item was not found or is no longer archive pending.   
Task: Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for EVCH1 
Message Title: Weekly Update 
Users mailbox dn: ##########
Internal reference: CArchivingAgent::MakeItemPendingAndProcessMsg [0x8004010F] 
For more information, see Help and Support Center at
LCT's picture

Can you open the problem message in the user's mailbox?

Have a look at this.

Hope that helps.

ia01's picture

We have already set this reg key to '1'


    HKLM\SOFTWARE\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents

 Item Name: 


LCT's picture

In that case I would log a case with Tech Support and get them to investigate the dtrace in more depth as it sounds like you issue is more serious than the technote explains.

ManishN's picture


Upload the dtrace.

Event 3288 seems some corruption in that particular mailbox. Difficult to guide because dtrace is not uploaded and dtrace excerpt which you put is actually not the error and also not related to your issue.

Pls ref:



ia01's picture

We found out that some locations such as MSMQ etc. were not excluded from Antivirus On Demand Scan was cauing issue. Now that we have excluded all recommended locations, archiving running fine.