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EV 9 rollover recommendations

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 17 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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We have an EV partition for quite some time now and which is approximately 670GB. For faster restore in case of failure, I want to create a new parition now per the first of January. Well actually I want to do it right now. 

I have one partition which has the status Open and one that is Ready. Both configured the same, on the same network share. Only the new one is in a folder 2013, the current is called 2012. I have compared the folder security, they are both the same. The share is 1TB and we have 330GB free. As mentioned, th current partition on the same share is 670GB. As you can understand, really time to create a new partition.

Can I now manually rollover and what are the risks or the things to keep an eye on? Can I do this during working hours? Any other hints and tips?

BTW, when I manually rollover, no 'old' content is copied to the new partition? So, it just starts an 'empty' partition?

Thanks in advance!


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You can roller over at anytime, once you  open the new partition the archived data will start to be written to it.  You are correct, no data from the old partition will be copied over.  This is seamless to end-users so you can do this during business hours.


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Thanks for the fast reply. No risks here, it seems quite straight forward? Is there any rollback scenario (needed)? Can you rollback to the old partition?

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Hi Olaf,

Rollback is as simple as closing the new, and opening the old partition.

Out of curiosity, from your first post, the new partition will be on a seperate disk of the old partition? If there on the same disk, can you then in your backup programm backup directories, or do you backup the whole disk? If the whole disk, then you better create the new partition on a seperate disk.

You might also want to check if you have collections enabled. Collections will put the small dvsxx files into a cabfile (default is 10MB), which will give you larger files to backup (= faster).

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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The new partition is on the same disk, on the same share. Only a  new folder, e.g.:



Thanks for the tip on Collections. I have never looked at that either. I will do so now! Thanks!