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EV 9.0.1

Created: 10 Feb 2011 • Updated: 11 Feb 2011 | 2 comments
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I just had my EV server upgraded yesterday to EV 9.0.1.  I am not tyring to udpate my Outlook 2010 client with the new plugin.  I am getting the follwing error:

"Outlook 2010 or later is installed on this computer.  You must install the Enterprise Vault HTTP-Only Outlook Add-In."

Can I not install the client like in previous versions?

I then installed the HTTP add in and I get a message saying that my client is not configured for Outlook Anywhere.  I got in and I am actually setup for Outlook Anywhere.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Interested in this thread, though have nothing to add at this time.

I am running Vault 7.5 server and I have 2 machines running Outlook 2010... One works and one does not. The one that does work was installed as a normal install - but with an older client than you are using I would hope.

I find this quite suprising as I read somewhere here that it shouldn't work with Outlook 2010 and Vault 7.5 regardless of which client I use.

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The EV Outlook addin comes in two flavours :

HTTP aka Lite

DCOM aka Full

Outlook 2010 can only have the HTTP client installed on top of it.  So that should answer the first part, if you are upgrading to the 9.0.1 client, and to Outlook 2010, then you need the HTTP client.

In some scenarios Outlook will always try to connect with RPC/HTTP aka Outlook Anywhere, ie HTTP.  In your desktop policy you may have configured the Outlook client policy to disable the add-in if the connection is RPC/HTTP.  The policy settign is shown below :

If the policy is set as above, then when Outlook loads, and launches our Add-in AND we detect RPC/HTTP (Outlook Anywhere) in the Outlook profile, regardless of how you're actually connected, we turn off the extensions (and give you a message).