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EV 9.0.2 Client and Outlook 2007 in Cache Mode

Created: 12 Dec 2011 • Updated: 13 Feb 2012 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


This is my first post so please forgive me if I forget to add any details or information.

We have just recently upgraded our EV Server from version 8 to version 9.0.2. We are currently testing the EV DCOM client on a few client computers prior to rolling it out to all of our users. During our testing we have noticed an odd behaviour when attempting to delete both the shortcut as well as the vaulted email on EV 9.0.2 DCOM clients and Outlook 2007 in Cache mode. When the user selects "Delete Shortcut" there is no problem (i.e. the shortcut is removed). If they select "Delete Both" nothing appears to happen as the shortcut still exists but the vaulted email is removed from the vault (Using archive explorer and search vault tool to confirm this). I have checked the mailbox policy to ensure "Delete Orphaned Shortcuts" is selected. As soon as the computer is taken out of Cache mode the problem seems to be resolved in the sense that "Delete both" removes both the shortcuts and the vaulted email. 

The next step of testing I did was to use the HTTP client (also version 9.0.2) which also has some issues with deleting vaulted emails. When using the "Delete from Vault" button in the EV add-in, both the shortcut and the vaulted email were removed but if I use the delete key on my keyboard or if I right click on the email and select "Delete" and then select "both" the shortcut remains but the email in the vault is deleted.

There does not appear to be any directly related DCOM errors in the event logs for the server. The expected behavior that occurs for our EV 8 clients is the ability to delete both the shortcut as well as the vaulted email while using the DCOM client with Outlook in Cache mode using any of the following methods to delete an email: 1) "Delete from Vault" button, 2) Right click on vaulted email and select "Delete", or 3) Use the delete key on keyboard.

The EV server is version and it is running on Windows 2003 SP2. I have tested with both Windows XP SP3 32bit client OS as well as Windows 7 SP1 64bit. The version of Outlook we are running is 2007 SP2. I have also gone through our site policy, default mailbox and desktop policy but I cannot see anything that would indicate a problem along with the problem not occurring on computers running in Outlook in Online mode using the the same policies.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated as I have run out of ideas and things to try.

Thank you

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John Chisari's picture

Hi Murray

I know that specific issue is not in the release details, but can you try the updated 9.0.2 client found here -

Also, can you also try with the 9.0.3 client - you will need to download the full ISO from fileconnect to get this.

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Hi John

Thank you for your reply. Have downloaded the files from the Technote. I will give them a try and let you know how it goes.

Murray224's picture

After testing the updated client from the Technote it appears as though the problem is still occurring. I will try to see if 9.0.3 does the trick.