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EV and Microsoft MRM

Created: 05 Mar 2014 • Updated: 06 Mar 2014 | 1 comment
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Hi all, can someone offer a quick peer review of the following scenario please?

I have had someone relay the following scenario to me:

We are having an issue with EV not archiving subfolders where Exchange 2010 has an MRM policy applied to the mailbox but is limited to the BaseFolderOnly so doesn't affect retention of the subfolders.

When I asked them why they were trying to incorporate bpth Ev and MRM together they replied becaus eit was to 'force' users to archibe their email, and the MRM gave thm an attractive remidner notice.

I Googled the interaction of both and came up with nothing. MRM doesn't come up on any EV compatibility documentation (unsuprisingly) and so I'm left to theorises that this is neither supported not desirable configuration

My intention is to go back to the perosn and tell them to remove MRM from the equation and simpy deploy EV as the archiving solution

Would anyone care to agree or disagree?

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EV and MRM are essentially not compatible.  Also, with EV you don't need to remind users to archive, set the policy to archive based on age or quota (or both) and let it run naturally.