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EV Backup - NAS based Partitions/NDMP

Created: 09 Jan 2013 • Updated: 15 Jan 2013 | 4 comments
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Hello All-

We are running EV8, and have recently moved our EV partition from local storage to a NAS, with Netbackup as the backup solution.  Previously, the archive bit was being set by Netbackup and all was functioning swell - but since we've moved the data, the safety copies aren't being purged, as the NAS is being backed up via NDMP and has no mechanism to flip the archive bit.

I understand that a trigger file can be used, but I am unsure how/when that should be created.  Should that be a function of the NDMP job??  Would the Netbackup EV agent alleviate this??

Considering that we do pretty frequent snapshots (4x daily) on the NAS volumes, and daily backups to tape - are safety copies even necessary?

Thanks in advance!


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So te file itself is the ArchiveBitTrigger.txt file
It goes at the root of your Partition that you are backing up
It should be created (not copied, or renamed) at the end of your backup job

So what would normally happen is

1. Your backup routine starts
2. Backup places the EV Storage and Indexes in to backup mode via Powershell
3. Backup routines run
4. Once completed it then creates the IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.txt
5. Once the file has been created, take indexes and storage out of backup mode

Then when the storage goes back to normal, it reads the Created Date of the Trigger file, and any file that has a created date on or before the date of the text file will be considered as "backed up"

Then it will go through the vault store database and set the items to having been backed up and then begin to "post process" the items (turning them from pending to shortcuts etc)

Also in newer versions of Enterprise Vault, you have to configure the vault store to look for the trigger file and the frequency it checks etc

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A technote regarding this can be found here

And the easiest way to create the file is through the Echo command right before you call powershell to take it out of backup mode

echo.>E:\Enterprise Vault Stores\VaultStore01\Partition01\IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.txt

Also if you use the EV NBU Agent I believe it can take care of this for you by using the PartitionSecuredNotification.xml file instead of the trigger file

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Thanks for the input - right now there is a separate job that backs up CIFS, which has no awareness of EV.   Methinks I need to tweak the backup jobs a bit to accomodate this.

Is anyone, or has anyone seen an environment with multple snapshots per day and daily backups operating without safety copies?

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To be honest companies I've seen that do snapshots like on a NetApp don't use safety copies at all