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EV client add-on for Outlook

Created: 10 Jan 2013 • Updated: 01 Mar 2013 | 11 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a user whereby after installing the EV client add-on for MS outlook 2010, the EV tab does not appear in the toolbar of outlook.

how do I enable the EV add-on to appear ?

Under Outlook Options Add-in, I can see that EV add-on is already installed, but it does not show up in the Outlook Home Tab.

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What version of EV you are using?

Have you checked the below article

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If the above technote does not help resolve this issue, I thought that I would mention that I am currently investigating a similar sounding issue in Engineering with the 10.0.2 Outlook client

This issue has a very specific and bizarre behavior whereby setting the EV Client logging level to 2 or 3 does allow the client to load, but when set to 1 or 0, it fails with 'Unknown exception occurred' appearing in the client log

So it may be worthwhile troubleshooting your client by enabling and reviewing the client logs

- Set the logging level in the regkey HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Client\LoggingLevel

- View the reports in %temp%

If logs are generated, and you can verify that your client displays a similar behavior to that which I describe above (i.e. if you set the regkey to 3, does the client load OK), then open a Support case and request that it is cross referred to the open case I am working so that you can be kept informed of its progress

If you get logs but not the behavior I mention above, then posting those logs back to the forum might help provide other pointers to what is occurring



Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |

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not very sure what this steps refers to ?

is it on the EV portion or outlook client side

1. Confirm the Mailbox is enabled for archiving.

2. The icons may be hidden via the Mailbox Policy settings.

a. Within the Properties of the Mailbox Policy, click the Advanced tab.

b. Select Outlook in the drop down.
c. Confirm the button in question is set to Show on the toolbar.
tried the ResetEVClient utiliy, but the problem remains.
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Thanks Paul!

Since upgrading to EV10 we rolled out the new client 10.0.2, then recently 10.0.3 and half our staff have lost the Outlook icons!!

It's been driving me mad trying to diagnose this looking by dtracing and looking at the client logs and get a very unhelpful error. Increasing the logging mode to 2 fixed it for most, but 3 fixed it for all.

This is a very annoying bug that must be fixed by Symantec, if they could please?

I've logged a call with our support company who will inturn log it with Symantec. Hopeflly a fix will come soon.

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Hi Tifosa

I am not entirely convinced that the original poster is suffering from the same issue that I referred to and you are experiencing as they are using the 9.0.3 client.

However, with the 10.0.2 or later client failing to load issue that you do appear to be experiencing, I can confirm that we have root caused this and it is planned to be fixed in the next cumulative hotfix and service pack releases

In the meantime, there are a number of workarounds that will avoid the issue from occurring if you wish to implement any of them:


1. Configure the Exchange Desktop Policy \ Advanced \ Outlook \ Remove PST
Entries = 0 (the default).

This obviously means that the client will not automatically remove PST files
entries from users' Outlook profiles after server-driven PST migration, but
that may be an acceptable temporary loss of functionality that is more palatable than the client not loading at all, and it can be re-enabled once the new client versions are released

2. Configure the client logging level = 2 (or 3)

This could be achieved by a GPO to set the
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Client\LoggingLevel = 2 (or 3)

3. Downgrade Windows 7 to 32 bit or upgrade Outlook 2010 to 64 bit

In our tests, the issue only appears to occur when Windows 7 is 64 bit and
Outlook 2010 is 32 bit. Aligning the bit versions of these two components (i.e. both 32 bit, or both 64 bit), in our tests, appears to resolve the issue

I hope that helps


Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |

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Oh, and the relevant technote so you can track that issue

Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |

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Very interesting Paul, thanks.

Your reply does make sense to our enviornment. We have recently upgraded our users to Win7 64bit from WinXP 32bit, and those are the users who are experiencing this issue. So downgrading is not really an option for us, as is upgrading to Outlook 2010 as this is major change for us - we currently run Outlook 2007 32bit

My current fix is the LoggingLevel reg key, however as you say if we can change the Remove PST setting to 0, that would be a much simplier change to implement - this I test shortly

Can I just confirm. We do not use EV for automatic PST ingestion (we have 3rd party tools or occasionally do it manually through EV Import PST). With our current setting for Remove PST entries set at 1, if we change this to 0, it will not affect any of that archiving? It will simply not remove the PSTs if we archive automatically through EV?

Also Symantec have recently released SP3 for EV10. Is this bug fixed in that version or will there be an additonal hotfix/SP?


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Thanks Paul, just saw your other reply with the article

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You are correct, changing that setting will not affect PST ingestion or any manner of archiving that you currently use. It just means that the client will not look to clean up / remove PST file entries from the user's Outlook profile that have been successfully migrated using the EV server-driven process. So, in your scenario, I would question whether you ever need it set in the first place and confirm that setting it to 0 is therefore a safe and immediate workaround to the problem.

The official fix is not in EV10 SP3, we were still investigating when that reached code freeze, but we will endeavour to include it in the first cumulative hotfix for that release.


Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |