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EV connection limit

Created: 02 Sep 2013 • Updated: 11 Sep 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi Team,

Do we have any connection limit in Enterprise Vault 10.0


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Hi dineshnegi,

Enterprise Vault has a setting to limit the concurrent connections to each Exchange server. You can see this value from the EV Archiving Tasks properties. However, if you are referring to connections from the network to the Enterprise Vault server, since Enterprise Vault uses IIS and MSMQ to process any requests, (archiving, retrieval and/or restore operation), I do not see any limits for that, more than the space available for MSMQ storage or IIS response times. If the Enterprise Vault server is under heavy load (during archiving tasks, collections, migration, indexing operations, etc) you might expect some delays to get a response.

I hope this helps.

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Question back to the OP.

What do you mean by connection limit?

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The Mailbox Archiving Task will create multiple 'worker threads' to process through the associated 'A1' through 'A7' Private Queues.

The number of 'worker threads' are based on the individual Mailbox Archiving Task => Properties => Settings => "Number of concurrent connections to Exchange Server".

The default value is 5 concurrent connections and should not exceed 15.



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thank you!! for knowledge shareing.

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Hi dineshnegi,

Another thing to know is that each Exchange Archiving task has both an Archiving task and a hidden retrieval task, the setting for number of threads on the archiving task is also the setting used for the retrieval task.  On a default setting of '5' threads this means that '10' MAPI profiles could be used.

Also Outlook 2007 with the latest Service Packs and HFs has a limit of '100' MAPI Profiles, so keep this in mind when looking to increase the concurrent connection threads.



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