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EV convert to cluster

Created: 12 Sep 2013 • Updated: 26 Sep 2013 | 9 comments
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I want to convert my ev to MS cluster.

I installed ms failover cluster.

I have questions;

1- my server name evserver vault site alias is evalias ;

   When i check the archived items addresses are like evserver.domain.local .... 

   I think it should be evalias.domain.local...

  My desicion it will cause  problem?  (other environments archives from alias,so archived items should use alias not hostname!)

  How can i convert cluster this ev environment?

2- cluster name and ip adress should point ev alias or not?

   For example ; we will create evcluster points to evsite in dns? so pinging evcluster which ip will resturn?


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EV shortcut stamped with link of EV server's alias (EValias.domain.local) which is default web app URL.

Details steps on converting existing EV to cluster are mention in "installation & confige" Page no 293

The wizard makes a number of checks relating to the suitability of the
installation for conversion to a cluster. It then displays a warning reminder that when the wizard has successfully completed you must update the DNS alias or Hosts file entry that is currently pointing at the physical node, so that it points at the cluster server name.

EVsite alias you map with EV server alias that should be sufficient.

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Hi K.G,

When Enterprise Vault was installed, do you know if the DNS alias was used to add the Enterprise Vault server to the site? If you open the VAC and expand the 'Enterprise Vault Servers' node, do you see ' (evserver)' ?

If the EV shortcuts contain the EV server hostname in the URL (not the alias), that would mean that the alias wasn't use during the installation. If you keep the same server hostname in the cluster you shouldn't have any issues.

I hope this helps.

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Hi, installation was very old from EV 7, yes i know if i use ev alias all of the shortcuts point to .....evalias.domain.local.

When i check from the VAC right click sitename i see that evserver alias is setted and different from host name.

But i dont know why items archived with hostname?

I check other environments all of them archived with evalias.

also other question;

we have already dns alias that point the evserver hostname.

so i will create a "NEW" alias for cluster and i will create new record that point to evalias?


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As far as I know about EV Site alias create when we set up & configure first EV server of Environment. It prompts for Site name & description and in background make sitealias to first EV server's alias.  

In your EV environment, you may see first EV server's alias as site alias. Server alias may be change via SQL but site alias cannot.

Please have a look into another forum thread

In you environment, Do you have same EV server alias & host same? run following SQL query.

Use EnterpriseVaultDirectory
Select computerName, computerNameAlternate from computerentry

When you say archived item with hostname, does it mean your's shortcut link have which points to hostname or opening archivied request to host name of EV server?

This could be happening due to the fact that you don't have EV server's aliase. Your hostname & alias for EV is same (confirm it via above query).

If the above (same host & alias) is true then the plan which I can suggest is run follow the wizard which convert host to cluster (pre req should be there).

"installation & confige" Page no 293

Then delete EV host name from DNS and create alias on same name & points to cluster name.

I would also suggest to contact support in order to confirm above action plan (may need to take web ex and confirm server's host & alias record) and you can contact Symantec partners if they have any action plan.


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to sum up;

my old server record is evserver1, i migrate to evserver2  server site alias is evsite(in VAC)

All of the archived items link is ;

..........................................evserver1. domain.local...

your sql result is;

computerName               computerNameAlternate

evserver1.domain.local       evserver2

full computerentry result is;

ComputerEntryId ComputerName ComputerRootPath
175FFA8541F323D4B90D320816663604F1410000vaultsite.domain.local evserver1.domain.local D:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault

ComputerSiteEntryId ComputerAdminNote VaultVersion ComputerNameAlternate
1191E135DAD18894FA37DB3DE11ACF7891d10000vaultsite.domain.local V10.0    evserver2

I have also dns records evserver1 points to evserver2 and   vaultsite points to evserver2.

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Thanks for information, so currently EV aliase is EVserver1 which is pointing to physical name (hostname) of EV (EVserver2).

Same should be there in DNS, EVserver1 alias should point to hostname EVserver2.

Archived item link always use EV server's alias when they are constructed so you see ...evserver1.domain.local..

Now you cluster name can be 'evcluster'. After completing EV cluster config wizard, you should map DNS alias (evserver1) to 'EVcluster'.

Shorcut will still point to EV alias which will ultimately contact to EV cluster.

You can point EV site alias also point either to EV server's alias (evserver1) or cluster name.

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hi, thanks i will use evcluster for the cluster name and than point to evserver hostname with creating new alias like others.I think this is best as you said.

I have 2 evserver 1 for journaling and other one is mbx.

while converting journal to cluster ev directory service  and mbx server services are  effected?(i am planing step by step ,firstly i want to convert journal server) 

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Mbx archiving EV server should not be affected, In EV environment we can combination of clustered & non-clustered servers. Later on you can convert mbx server to clustered if needs to be.