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EV Data move

Created: 27 Nov 2012 • Updated: 02 Mar 2015 | 6 comments
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I have to move all EV data, to new server and new storage. (IBM xiv to Netapp)

I couldnt use storage move or replication.

Netbackup restore is too too slow.

I have 5.5 TB Data

have can i carry my data more efficiently?

do you have any experience? Robocopy or 3rd party file transfer tools?


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I have used robocoy for several EV migrations.

Just make a script to copy the data, EV can be running during that time. When most of the data is copied, stop the EV services, run a final copy and migrate the EV server or assign the old driveletters to the new volumes.

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I have no experience with robocopy ,can you share esample script to modify my server details?

I have 5.5 TB data yo also move big data like this ? it sould takes too much time:)


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1TB is the max I did. But if you copy the data (can be done during the day), and the last day you only need to run the script again to copy the differences.


robocopy \\EVserver1\d$\vaultstore1  \\EVserver2\d$\vaultstore1 /s /e /sec /mir /np /log+c:\support\log\vaultstore1.txt

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can i run more then 1 robocopy process in same time?

more processes with parallel runs decreases the total time?

Now average  7 GB copyed in 10 mins. 


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You can run multiple instances of robocopy, you must test it yourself if you see any progress in speed.

It can happen that they interfere with each other. The old and new storage systems must be able to handle all the requests. If it can't handle the requests, it can be even slower to start multiple instances at the same time.

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The only thing i can add to this is , if you haven't already, close the current partition that is writing to theold storage and then open a partition on the new netapp, that way its less data in the long run to move and you dont have to worry about trying to eep up with more live data being written to the netapp etc