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EV design question

Created: 24 Mar 2006 • Updated: 18 Nov 2012 | 7 comments
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This is a design question...

We have 2500 users spread across three different offices and each office has an exchange server handling at least 500 mailboxes. We also have a datacenter that host storage. How can we centralize the EV storage with minimum performance hit?

Is it possible to have directory service, admin service, and storage service installed on an EV server at the datacenter while we deploy an EV server at each office to have only archiving and indexing service? This way vault storage will be centralized and archiving will be done locally at each office.

Thanks for your input.

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Michael Bilsborough's picture


Why would you want to keep the indexes local. What are you trying to archive with that?

Samuel Lee's picture

So that searching will be faster, or I am missing somthing. What would be your suggestion for placing each EV services based on our scenerio? Thanks.

TonySterling's picture

Personally, I would keep the Indexing and Storage services together. I think you will get better performance.

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Thanks for the input. So I will leave EV at each remote office doing only archiving tasks and the rest of the EV services (indexing, storage, admin, and directory) will be provided at our datacenter?

Is this better since the communication between the EV servers will be via MSMQ rather than MAPI or SMB?


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Why not just set the Archive Task up at the central location for the remote sites?

You will have to have an admin and directory service at the remote locations as well, and personally, I would rather like to have them all together.

Besides, if you just set up at the central location, you only have one EV server to manage and less break points. Troubleshooting Inbound and Outbound MSMQ sucks! :)

Just my opinion

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I'd think it would be better to have all of the EV servers in a centralized location, since the EV servers will be accessing the same SQL server and SAN for the data storage.

Wouldn't you want to have at least two EV servers for redunancy?

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how big are the links to the remote sites?