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EV Discovery Accelerator - EV Versions

Created: 04 Nov 2013 • Updated: 05 Nov 2013 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

After reviewing the requirements for EV base software (Services or API) to be installed prior to EVDA I am not 100% as to the versions allowed.

I have an EV server running 10.0.1, which will be upgraded to 10.0.4 over the coming months.  I will be installing EVDA shortly (before the EV 10.0.4 upgrade) and therefore want to install 10.0.4 on the DA server to save work in the future.  I know that EVDA can be at a later version than EV itself, but does this include the services/API installed on the EVDA server ?

In summary, I would like to do the following:

EV Server has 10.0.1 installed and running (mailbox/journal/FSA archiving)

New EVDA server - install EV 10.0.4 services or API runtime , install EVDA 10.0.4

Is this OK, or do I need to install the 10.0.1 services or API runtime on the new EVDA server



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If your EV server is to stay at 10.0.1 for a while, you'll need to install the EV 10.0.1 binaries on the DA server.  We in DA Support prefer the full EV binaries instead of the EV Runtime API due to some issues we've encountered in the past with dll files not properly registering, but either should work as long as the version matches what is running on the EV indexing / storage services server.

DA can be installed at 10.0.4 without any issue and it will work with EV 10.0.1.

The reason for having to have the EV version on the DA server match the version running on the EV indexing / storage services server is that DA will call certain EV binaries on the DA server to communicate with the appropriate service / process on the EV server.  If there has been any change in the EV files that are used, a version mismatch will occur and searches, reviews and exports will be affected to the point of failing.  This affect may not be seen immediately, but it WILL occur eventually.

So, when you install EV on the new DA server, be sure to install the same version as you are running on the EV indexing / storage services server.

FYI, when you upgrade EV to 10.0.4 on the EV indexing / storage services server, you'll need to stop the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager Service (EVAMS) on the DA server, upgrade the EV installation on the DA server, then upgrade EV on the EV indexing / storage services server.  After you've completed the upgrade of EV on the EV server, you can then start EVAMS on the DA server and be good to go.

I hope this helps.  Please let us know if you need anything more for this issue.  We'll be glad to help as we are able.

Ken Adams

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