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EV for Domino DNS Query

Created: 12 Nov 2012 • Updated: 20 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Our Company been using EV for Domino for Over 4 years now currently on release 9.0.3 - W2k3 Server.

Enviroment is as follows : 1 x EVDG  & 1 x Domino Mail Server

The majority of our users are offline using local replication to connect back to the mail server using ADSL connection.

Here is my issue....

Our EVDG has all the DNS allias setup etc as per the standard setup guide and this works for users connected to the LAN where the EVDG is located. The issues I have is for my external users that are connecting in via the internet the only way I can get them access to archived attachments in the Vault is by adding an entry in the local hosts file with the external IP Address (NAT) and hostsname of the EVDG - servername.domain.local

Managing the host file is becoming increasingly frustrating becuase of the amount of users. Tried LN connection documents however EV seems to bypass these.

Using the host file does work just wondered what other people did ?

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it's typical to use split DNS for things like this although, you might have a problem if your domain is .local since you can't resolve that externally. split DNS basically means that resolves to the internal IP when you're on the company network and the external IP when you're outside the company network.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Thanks AndrewB split DNS is something im familure with as that is our our users connect to our domino server. Every users LN connection document points to with this resolving to the internal address in the office and resolving to the external address on the internet using external DNS. 

However because EV seems to only resolve to the servername.local I cant connect to the server from external unless I manually enter the server.domain.local into the HOSTS file.

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are you saying your domino and your EV servers are on different domains? .local and are not the same...

your EV server should have its server name and its alias. the shortcuts should be referencing the alias which ideally would not have a domain suffix and you can have an external DNS entry added for it.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Domino and EV server are on the same domain. However domino connection is straightforward every LN user has a connection document that connects to '' . When users in head office this resolves using local DNS server to the LAN IP and when users are out of the office resolves using External DNS and connects to the domino server via the External IP. Split DNS and works great.

If EV for Domino used the connection documents within LN then I could setup something similar however it doesnt. I dont think the product has been designed the way Im trying to use it and to make design changes with over 700 archives is going to be difficult. Think I will have to go back to ammending the hosst file using a script. crying

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Nothing more frustrating then stumbling accross someone with the same issue on a forum but they dont post the fix so here is how I resolved my issue. This was the official response from Symantec Tech Support today however I resolved the issue last week.

How To Change The Archive Server and Archive Server URL

The following steps are required to change Archive Server and Archive Server URL for the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway (EVDG) server.

As these fields acquire their server component from the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway (EVDG) server information in the EVDominoServer SQL table, we can directly affect the data stored in this table by updating the Domino server document.

1. Login to the IBM Domino Administrator using an administrator account.

2. Select File Open Server from the Menu, then select the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway (EVDG) Server.

3. Go to the Configuration tab and go to Server/Current Server document.

4. Select Edit Server.

5. Change the "Fully qualified Internet host name" from the internal host name to the external host name.

6. Select Save.

7. Restart the Domino Server of the (EVDG). The EVDominoHousekeeping task registers and updates the EVDominoServer table in SQL with this new

value in the DNSName column.

8. Confirm the external host name has been updated in the DNSName column of the EVDG server record in the EVDominoServer SQL table in the

EnterpriseVaultDirectory database.

9. Run Provisioning Task from the EV Administration Console to force this update out to the EV profile document in each user's mail file.

10. Once the above steps are completed, confirm that the external host name is reflected in the About Enterprise Vault > Technical Support> Archive Server

URL field of the user mail file.

11. Lotus Notes and iNotes / (DWA) retrieval requests are now directed to the external host name or alias