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EV for Domino DR with Building block method !!!

Created: 30 Jan 2012 • Updated: 28 Feb 2012 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Is anyone try this!!!

We have EV domino archiving in place and we are looking for EV-DR with Building Block Method..

Current Scenario:

EV Domino Server version = 8.5.1

EV Version = 9.0.1

SQL = 2005 Ent edition

we have 2 seperate EV servers in single site. one (EV1) for mailbox archiving and one (EV2) for Journaling purpose. SQL server is common for both servers.

EVDG is running on EV1 mailbox archiving.

we are looking for DR site with Building Block method. I have following queries......


1. do we need same setup in DR site?

2. Do we need to setup EVDG in DR site as well? if yes then we have to replicate EVDG also?

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A DR site should always replicate the live site. The only difference being the age of the data. Refer to the Introduction and planning guide here:

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As Percy mentioned it is recommended to replicate the DR site with the live site if you want it to be able to perform the exact same functions.

EV will work well with building blocks as will your EV server that doing journaling.

The catch is the EVDG itself. I've never seen it successfully configured with a building blocks configuration.

The EV services on the box that the EVDG run on will update their service locations but not the the location of the EVDG.

Most customer opt to using clustering services and make the EVDG a resource that can fail over from one node to the other. Keep in mind if you use this method you will have to put the data directory of the EVDG on  a shared disk.

Principal Technical Support Engineer for Enterprise Vault

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Thanks Jim!!!!

this two locations are geographically different. if i don't want to install EVDG on Secondary site will it work... I mean my secondary site i keep dependent on Primary EVDG then ?

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So primary server will have EV and EVDG?

And secondary server will have just EV.

The EV portions will use building blocks.

If first server goes down then you update service locations to secondary server while using the EVDG on the primary server?

Not sure how well that will work.

As EVDG is used for retrieval and searching.

Client will attempt to retrieve item.

EV will pull the item from storage and copy into a temp DB on the EVDG.

Then it will be copied to the users mail file on the home server so that it can be viewed by the client.

If everything is too spread out might not be good performance for your users.

Principal Technical Support Engineer for Enterprise Vault

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So, Jim you are saying do I need to keep EVDG on both site?

In case primary site down then all users access there archive mails from secondary server!!

between two EVDG server can we have replication or need to add both in domino cluster?

waiting for your revert.......

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I think it will work in a single site, but you won't have the redundancy for the EVDG.

So if EV and EVDG are on the same box and the box goes down it sounds like you will have redundancy on for EV services but not the EVDG.

Principal Technical Support Engineer for Enterprise Vault