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EV Domino Gateway: Search feature does not work

Created: 13 Mar 2013 • Updated: 20 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I'm performing an new installation of EV 10.0.2 w/ Lotus Domino archiving, but the search feature through a web browser does not work in any way.

Always returns with "Invalid Credentials" error.

The hard part is trying to isolate the problem: I don't know if it is a IIS, Domino or EV problem.

Whenever I do an attempt, the following error appears at EVDG - Domino Console:

[0F30:000A-13D4] 13/03/2013 11:37:03   HTTP Web Server: Function Not Implemented Exception [/ev/evdomino.nsf?login] Anonymous

Any idea about the first thing to check?


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Its the Internet Password you are typing in? Have you configured Single Sign On (SSO) for EVDG and target Domino Server? Here are the steps:

To confirm that SSO is configured correctly, check that the user can log in to names.nsf on the Enterprise vault Domino Gateway using a web browser by using the following URL:

http://<EVDG>:port/names.nsf,  for example


Web browser search available at the following URL:http://<EnterpriseVaultServer>/enterprisevaultdomino
Note: You must specify the FQDN of the server in the URL because the LTPA token is tied to the particular DNS domain.
The GetUser agent is used to lookup the full canonical name of the user and should return it as an XML page. To run the agent type the following URL into a browser:

http://<EVDG>:8080/ev/evdomino.nsf/getuser?openagent    for example


I hope this helps..

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The Integrated search app for Domino is a complicated beast as it does require so many components (IIS, Domnio and EV to name a few) so identifying where an issue lies is the greatest challenge, but 99% of the time, we find the issue is usually a config one  

Advisor's steps are totally valid to confirm that you can login to Domino SSO on the EVDG, irrespective of EV, and confirm whether the issue initially lies within Domino SSO config itself. So can you confirm if you have completed them and the results that you got?

I suspect your SSO config may be OK as you reference a Domino server console error being returned from a post login redirect to an EV database ev\evdomino.nsf. It is not an error that I have seen before, but I would personally focus on what is different / wrong with that database in your setup.

Can you confirm the following

1) Was that database successfully signed when you ran EVInstall.nsf. Check the logs for an entry about signing it 

2) What does the ACL of that database look like? In particular, can you confirm the ACL settings for Default (should be Reader) and Anonymous (should be No Access)

3) Have you ro the customer implemented any security changes / lockdowns on the EVDG with regards to Domino HTTP and Anonymous login / access?

If you still are having issues, I would recoemmend you opena Supprot case and update this thread also woith the case number so we can co-ordinate any findings with your assigned Support rep



Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |

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Hi Paul and Advisor, thanks for all the sugestions.

Actually I'm going to review all the steps above in the next week together with Symantec Tech Support.

I'll let you know about what is really going wrong.

Thanks again!