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EV Export wizard + remove shortcuts

Created: 30 Oct 2012 • Updated: 30 Oct 2012 | 6 comments
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i need a solution to remove EV shortcuts from 100+ mailboxes once the export wizard has run

our customer is removing EV functionality in a subset of their business, they have approx 100 mailboxes and wish to restore these mailboxes back to full mail and stop EV archivng them

i have experience running the Export tool from EV, however when running this the shortcuts are not deleted when the mail is restored, so ...

i'm after a solution to bulk remove the EnterpriseVault.shortcut message class from all mailboxes 

i understand that i can use Exchange Powershell to do this and have the following command

anyone know how i can translate this into searching for the EnterpriseVault.shortcut message class ?

Delete all emails that meet the search query

1 Get-Mailbox -Server  "*Server*" | Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery'Subject:"*Subject*" and Body:"*Body*"' -deletecontent

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I don't think that that Powershell command will help you.

According to there isn't support for message class.

You may well be better off either with :-

  • Redemption

To be honest I also thought if you exported the archive back to the original mailbox then it would remove the shortcuts (and replace them with the full item)

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hi Rob, i presumed that would be the case, but having just tested it a couple of times in my lab it hasnt done it

it left the shortcut 

i had an idea let me know your thoughts

if we ...

1) restore a mailbox back to full mail, then

2) delete the particular archive from EV, then

3) set shortcut deletion to delete orphaned shortcuts, then

4) EV would delete the shortcuts for us ?


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The only shortcuts that should exist are
1. Shortcuts that don't belong to the user
2. Orphaned Shortcuts (Shortcuts where the item was deleted through Expiry/AE/Search but the shortcut remained)
3. Shortcuts that have been copied/moved to a different location and Moved Shortcuts is not enabled within the policy

You can do a combination of Shortcut Expiry set to 1+ day and orphaned shortcut deletion

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Well you have all the data in the archvie so you set up shortcut expiry , which would delete all the shortcuts from the mailbox and  later you can eport the archvie the mailbox.. You can set the shortcut expiry in the mailbox policy .

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i have had success by running the export wizard to restore the mail, then setting the shortcut deletion date to 0 days, synchronising the new policy then running shortcut processing - this deleted the shortcuts :)

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shortcut deletion should say 1 days