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EV - Failed External Filter

Created: 14 Aug 2012 • Updated: 14 Aug 2012 | 2 comments
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I have an issue whereby around 3 times daily a number of messages are placed in the failed external filter folder over a period of approx 3 mins.  There does not appear to be any common thread with the messages, and they are not messages which should be discarded.

I have only one rule in the filter which is to HARD DELETE messages from specific senders (approx 15 senders in the list).

I get a number of errors in the logs, and a sample of these is attached.

If I drop the messages back into the inbox, then they process correctly.

All messages are from the journal.

I have seen a number of threads regarding this but none seem to apply.

Any pointers appreciated.

EV9, Ex2010,


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suggest doing a dtrace or a backtrace against journaltask specifically when that error triggers

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The third event is 'normal'...  the others are the odd ones.  As mentioned above you would need to either DTRACE, or BACKTRACE to find the cause.