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EV FSA - can not add any volume

Created: 10 Jan 2013 • Updated: 25 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Happy new year to all!

I am a little bit confused, because I have a problem, which I can not resolve nor I can see any reason for it.

I have an EV 10.0.2 FSA-only installation. Everything is installed as it shoud be (Deployment Scanner) and I have a license for it istalled.

I configured EV in a normal way - Services, VSG, VS, VS Partitions. Created Volume and File Policies for archiving. Created an FSA Archiving Task and added the File-Server as an archiving target. I remotely installed the FSA-Agent on the Windows Server 2003 x64 without problems.

Then I try to add a volume by using the internal browser. Then I select the Vault Store and if I click on "next" an error message pops up with no content. It's just a small white window with a red "X" and the "OK"-Button.

I tried all possible tech notes (screen filter on the server, MMC, DCOM) without success. Reinstalling the FSA agent does not help. I tried another server (the EV server itself with Windows 2008 R2 x64) with the same result.

As of my understanding, it should be regardless at this point of configuration, if an FSA Service is available or not, but I am confused as the Properties of the FSA-Target does not show any version Information - but it should, because the services on the Fileserver are running. Firewalls on EV Server and File Server are disabled. To eliminate communication problems due to DNA, I addes the EV-Server to the hosts entry of the Fileserver in all combinations Computername and Alias and both full qualified.

I Dtraced a little bit (MMC and Screen filter on the Fileserver) without any hint.

I reinstalled all Binaries of EV without success

Any ideas?

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I take it no events in Application/Security/System/Enterprise Vault logs yeah?
May be worth doing a procmon to see if you're getting any permission denied type errors

Also do you have windows firewall enabled on either the file server or the EV server?
And if you go to the properties of the file server in the VAC does it show all the file server details correctly showing that it can communicate properly etc?

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Hi Jesus,

No entries in the event-logs. Firewalls are all disabled.

But, as I wrote, the Version INformation of the -> definately running <- placeholder service shows "Not Available".

But just adding a file-share should be possible without any installed service.

I Installed the FSA Agent on the EV server itself and I have absolutely the same results. Have a look at the screenshots (the name of the share attempt to add to EV is "8man-test")

Attached is a Dtrace

The EVSA is local Admin on the Fileserver, Full Access to the share and Full Security on the Share Root Folder

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Any chance you can get a dtrace of EVFileSvrArcMngr  as well?

Also the dtrace of mmc when did you start that?
If you go to the mmc, expand out Targets -> file servers
then start your dtrace of mmc and EVFileSvrArcMngr and then right click the server, thats when it will start its communications with the server

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Hi Jesus,

it took a little longer, to get response from the customer, because I am currently at another site...

Attached is the requested DTrace, hope you can find anything in it, but Symantec Support is also informed.


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Hi all,

we found out the root cause of this problem. There was a port-range defined for the COM Internetservices. After removing them, the problem was gone and we could enable the Filesystem Archiving.