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EV FSA Recall large number of files fails for Normal users, works fine for admins

Created: 15 Mar 2013 • Updated: 18 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


EV10.0.1 FSA Recall large number of files fails for Normal users, works fine for admins

We have Bypass recall limit for admins set to 1

RecallLimitTimeInterval - 10

And RecallLimitMaxRecalls to - 5000

When a normal user tries to copy a folder with large number of archived files it fails with erro but works fine for Administrators

Any idea pelase?

Many Thanks

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MichelZ's picture

You have already answered your own question.
You have set BypassRecallLimitForAdmins which ignores the limits for Administrator users.


ia01's picture

Well as I said it works fine for admins. But normal users are having problem.

Is there any way to bypass recall limit for users who is not an admin on that file server?

Or what do we set these to, so that normal users can copy a folder with large number of archived items without any issue.

RecallLimitTimeInterval - 10

And RecallLimitMaxRecalls to - 5000

MichelZ's picture

Ah, now we have a real question :)

While there is not a way to disable the recall limit entirely, you can render it effectively impotent by setting RecallLimitTimeInterval very low. Setting it to 1 means that it will only trigger the limit if it is reached in a single second; even with RecallLimitMaxRecalls at the default 20, this is unlikely to happen (20 files recalled in one second). On a very powerful system, you could increase RecallLimitMaxRecalls to 100 to make the limit even less likely to be reached (100 files recalled inside one second). This has been successfully tested recalling 1,000 files using RecallLimitTimeInterval = 1 and RecallLimitMaxRecalls = 20 (default).

ia01's picture

Hmmm we have tried that and for some reason no effect.

We have two node cluster. And several active virtual file servers spread across those two nodes.

We have Placeholder service running on both nodes but not as a clusterresource.

Registry keys are set in both Cluster nodes.

But still normal users having issue.

Very interesting technote, any recent document about that regkey doesn't mention about anything over 100 will result in the defualt 20 value!!!

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\FSA\PlaceholderService\RecallLimitMaxRecalls
  • The initial value is 20.
  • The effective values range from 0-100 (decimal), settings above 100 will result in the default value of 20 being used.
John Santana's picture

Yes, this is true and have resolved my issue in recalling large size files from the EV vault store.

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.