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EV Indexes after upgrading to EV 10

Created: 15 Mar 2013 • Updated: 16 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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We are looking at upgrading EV 9.0.2 on 2003 x32 to EV 10 2008 R2 in few weeks time, I have read the technical guides and can't seen to find information on indexes.

What happens to the 32bit indexes after the upgrade are these fully closed unlike in version 9? I would like to  take these out of the backup schedule as the backup Window is getting bigger? Or do i need to upgrade these to 64 bit for this to happen, what are the benefits?


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As soon as you close an index path, EV will roll over new indexes for each archive in that path

The new index location will be 64bit (velocity) and the old location 32bit (FAST) until you convert or rebuild the old volume

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Thanks JesusWept3

So to confirm it will only close the indexes soon as these have been converted to 64bit??

Is there a tech guide on how to convert these?

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Hang on a minute, are we talking about closing index paths or individual archive indexes??

If you convert an index it will do a side by side rebuild, so the 32bit index will stay online as it builds the new 64bit index

Once the 64bit index has completed, the 32bit index will be removed

If you have an index root path like I:\indexes\Index1 that contains like 100 archive indexes, if you close this inde location, then new index volumes for each archive will be created in any of the open index locations

These new index volumes will be 64bit, and the index volumes in the location you just closed will be 32bit

Those volumes will remain until you either convert them or rebuild them

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I am talking about index paths, so it is clear that converting the indexes from 32bit to 64bit will close the index indefinitely.

How do o convert these?