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EV migration to new server

Created: 28 Nov 2012 • Updated: 28 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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We are currently gathering information to upgrade our Enterprise Vault to 64-bit hardware. Our current version is 9.0.1 and it's running on 32-bit Windows Server 2003. The new hardware will be running on Windows Server 2008 R2.

There is a lot of documentation regarding this migration. One thing I cannot find is how to deal with using the same server name for the source and the target server. As we all know, this is a no-go for Active Directory. What would be the sequence to upgrade to new hardware and when should I install the EV software itself? 

My idea is:

1 Create target server with temporary name

2 Disable all services on source server

3 Move all data to target server

4 Install EV software on target server

5 Connect all SAN disks to target server with same drive letters as on source server

5 Power off source server

6 Rename target server

Does this give issues on SQL or do I need to do it in another sequence.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

The things that you have suggested aren't correct, unfortunately.

Take a look at the two links off this technote:

If your disks are SAN based, then you can surely just 're-attach' them to the target machine.  There should be no temporary name, pick a good name, then update your DNS alias when appropriate (described in the technote)

Also remember installing the binaries doesn't really 'do' anything.. it's the configuration step that does.

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for your fast reply.

So what you are saying is pick a new name for the target server and let DNS resolve the issue with the old name?

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When you installed your EV server, did you follow the Installation Guide, particularly this bit?

Creating Enterprise Vault DNS aliases
It is good practice to create a DNS alias for each Enterprise Vault server computer.
You are asked to enter the unqualified alias, for example "evserver1", when you
run the Enterprise Vault Configuration wizard. When you configure Enterprise
Vault on the first computer in a site, Enterprise Vault automatically creates a
vault site alias using the DNS alias entered for that computer. The vault site alias
is used by the Enterprise Vault software to refer to the Enterprise Vault site.
The DNS alias must not contain special characters. As defined in RFC-1034, only
the following characters are permitted: [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9], hyphen (-), and period
(.). The last character must not be a hyphen or period.
Using an unqualifiedDNSalias allows future flexibility if you change the computer
that is running the Enterprise Vault services.

So if your server is called UMTB14XABC, then you would create a nice alias, eg EVSERVER.

Then when you come to move to new hardware, you just 'point' EVSERVER to the new box.

Does that help?

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Yes, I understand. I can see 2 CNAMES we have created for the old server. So changing those over to the new server name will also keep our certificates in working order. The only thing we have to do is run a script in SQL to update to the new servername.

Thanks, will try that.

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Largely speaking you're correct - but have a read through the technotes to make sure you know thoroughly what you're doing.  It'll help, and it's best not to rush this.