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EV MObile usage

Created: 09 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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I am analyzing EV mobile usage then i will deploy in 1 environment.

Are there anyone who uses EV mobile?

There are two application EV mobile and commondesk which one is better?

EV mobile is basic solution ,after the installation we end users have 1 link and every user can search own mails from this logon screen. (both of the android,blackberry,ios windows ... there is no additional configuration for phone specific?)

But commondesk -arcbridge have more possibilities,they have phone specific sw. (blackbery,ios  but no windows,andrid?)


1-ev mobile is symantec program so i can get suport,there is no additional lisance,configuration basic,1 link for all phones ,anyone add something to my summary?

2-commondesk-arcbridge is free or needs lisance?

3-i need different server for all of the phones?(iphone,blackbery?) what about windows ,blackberry phone mobile users?

4-can i configure all of the applications in one server? arcbridge,ev mobile commondesk..?

I have Enterprise Vault Whitepaper Mobile Integration pdf, do you have any additional documents?

 If you share your real experiences i will be happy:)


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1. EV Mobile does not require a license and is part of the main EV Install package
2. Common desk is a paid for solution
3. It would be one website, whether you use commondesk or evmobile, it would be one url for all mobile users
4. I suppose you could, yeah, there shouldn't be any issues,

As for the papers, you have probably the most definitive one out there, you may want to talk to your symc sales contact to see if they can set you up with some demos