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EV with non domain clients

Created: 31 Jul 2012 • Updated: 24 Sep 2012 | 12 comments
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I have one Question;

Environment has 400 users and all of the users are non domain users.

there are exch 2010 mbx and 1 cas server.

can i archive clients which not joined to exch domain?

How can i do?


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How do you mean non-domain users?
An Active Directory account must exist in order to create an Exchange mailbox!

Or do you mean that the workstations/computers are not joined to the domain ?
In that case you can archive the mailboxes, but you will have to instruct the users to install the EV client..

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yes they are not joined any domain.

EV client works on workgroup clients?

In every mail retreive store restore operation it asks password? which authentication will be userd for these workgroup users?


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I believe you will get an authentication popup when opening the first archived mail, if you leave outlook open it will not ask again for username/password. As soon as you reopen outlook it will ask for credentials again.

But make sure to test these things first before archiving all mailboxes.

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You can always set up Managed Passwords as well in the User Accounts section of the control panel.
so you could set say '' and supply the credentials, and then it will always pass that username and password across automatically when Basic Authentication prompts.

The only downside is, is that you will have to update that any time the user changes the password in the domain, but it will resolve the prompting issue at least

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this is old TN but in windows 7 also have crediental manager.

what is your idea? can i solve authentication problem of workgroup clients with this TN?

-IN Every workgroup client pc user add own password to crediental manager with ev server fqdn, if user change password then update this section again.

With this TN i can eleminate user authentication problem of workgroup outlook users while they are open archived mails?

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You suggest me a make project of a environment all of the users are workgroup clients?

What kind of problems can be occur?

I can eleminate these problems with TECH76156?


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Do you already have EV in place ?

Then I would suggest to try this setup for one user and see what will happen.

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Yes you can access archived item, and archive/restore/etc.etc with machines that are not in a domain (therefore they're using a local account)

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so EV can find these users and provisioning?

I have a issue user was domain then joined the workgroup later it works.

But in this situaition all of the users are in workgroup and they are not joined before domain!

I can solve these  problems with just TECH76156?

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Exchange works with Active Directory accounts, so the users have an AD account. Enterprise Vault will find the mailboxes in Exchange, and can archive these.

They have to enter a username/password when they open outlook ?

As I said before, this is a pretty unique situation, you better test some things first before rolling out EV to everyone.

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I have a issue user was domain then joined the workgroup later it works.


I think here you might be confused.  A user exists in the domain .. or a local machine..  you can't move them between.  You might be referring to the computer acccount?

If the user is LOCAL on a workstation, then no-EV, nor Exchange isn't available for that user.

To access Exchange they will be prompted for domain credentials.

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Rob has it.

I think combined you have all your questions answered. I think that the issue here is that it does not matter what account you are logged in locally to the machine as (except for prompting and other profile specific settings) but EV can work when logged in as a non domain account. The Exchange mailbox you are accessing... does have some domain affiliation which is used to enable users and to do other EV related actions. If you can install the client.. manage the passwords and prompts... and access your email via Outlook EV can be configured to work.

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