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EV not removing shortcuts and leaving duplicates in user's mailbox

Created: 29 Jan 2013 • Updated: 01 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi guys,

today i stumbeled upon a pretty strange issue when restoring content into a user's mailbox - after the restoration run, it turns out that there are lots (586) shortcuts left, even thotugh the original item was restored successfully and the option to remove the shortcut was selected. Further more if the shortcut itself is selected and "Restore from Vault" is pressed, then the item is restored into the folder a second time (see te pic attached). I forced a seperate "Shortcut processing" run for this specific user (and we have the reg key that instructs EV to delete orphaned shortcuts), but the shortcuts are still there. Then I decided that there might be something wrong with the user's indexes, so i forced a rebuild or the indexes, but the shortcuts remain, as well as the duplicate items.

EV version is 9.0.4 in clustered mode. Exchange is 2010, Outlook is 2010. OS is Windows Server 2008 R2.

P.S. Also, I'd like to ask what are Symantec's recommendations on massive restorations (~90 000 items need to be restored), as well as how to restore only the shortcuts, and no extra content?

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registry key to remove orphans? it should be an archive policy setting

Anywho, would suggest getting a dtrace of RetrievalTask and MigratorTask and do the restore again and see what happens when it tries to get the shortcut

The only thing i can think of is something like they're shortcuts that belong to another archive

So for instance if you had an archive for a user, it archived a bunch and created shortcuts, you then ran in to issues, you then exported to a pst, deleted the archive, re-created the archive and imported the PST, those shortcuts still belong to the other archive

Then when it goes to do the restore and replace the shortcut it sees that the shortcut doesnt belong to the user and skips it

Its the same way that orphaned shortcuts works in that it will only delete shortcuts that belong to that archive, so if you have shortcuts from other users or other archives, they wont be removed

Your best bet if you are restoring everything and can't get it to work is to create a new mailbox policy set to not archive anything older than 9999 users and set shortcut expiry to 1 day, and then let it delete shortcuts that way

Don't set this on a policy everyone uses though, or you will delete everyones shortcuts

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Thanks JesusWept3, you seem to be my savior or several ocasions now :D. I will do as you suggest - create a new policy with these settings then assign it to the guys i'm having problems with. I will post the resultes here. Thanks a ton!

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An update on this: I found another user, who had his entire archive restored back into his box, and there are two very strange problems with him - 1st is that from his original ~90000 items he now has ~170000, lots of duplicates and some shortcuts left. 2nd is that when he logs in from his laptop, he gets one number of items, and when he goes onlie (through Citrix) he gets a completely different picture.