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EV + OWA 2010 with F5

Created: 13 Sep 2012 • Updated: 08 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi Guys

I have an Exchange 2010 setup behind an F5 so users access OWA via outlook.mycompany.local with then routes to one of the CAS boxes. There is no external OWA access and the F5 does the SSL offloading. 2 EV servers are setup with a cluster name of myevdev.mycompany.local. When I click the archive explorer it's trying to go to https://outlook.mycompany.local/?EVAction... rather than https://myevdev.mycompany.local/?EVAction... Just wondering where to configure this?



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Check the following article

Do you have UseExternalsWebAppURL set to true? If so try setting it to false, if all else fails, just set the URL to your internal cluster name

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This is expected behaviour.

Clicking archive explorer will trigger a request to OWA, and these will redirect to the correct URL based on internal/external webapp URL settings.

This technote details the internal/external webapp url settings, but I'm you don't need them if users always use the same URL and it's the default web app URL.

What is the actual issue? Do they not see the page? If so is it simply that F5 is blocking the "...EVAction..." URL? That will need to be allowed through to OWA so the extensions can correctly redirect to EV.

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Hi and thank you for responding.

Sorry should have given a bit more detail.

I did have a glance at the internal/external webapp docs but users always acccess OWA internally via the same address (outlook.mycompany.local). The F5 load balances the OWA requests between 6 CAS servers so knows nothing about the EV servers. I presumed that after the initial request to outlook.mycompany.local the Archive Explorer would then talk directly to the EV cluster but it appears to be trying to go via the F5 and hence no page displays at all. Using the search link it does go to the EV cluster so must work in a different way.

I've got the pdf in the link so probably need to go back and do a bit more reading.



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Search should work the same way as Archive Explorer, although it does have extra parameters in the request to OWA. Perhaps your F5 is happier with those and lets the request proceed for search?

I'd suggest doing a fiddler trace ( on the client to see what requests are being made and where the problem lies. The IIS logs on the CAS would also show whether the request gets through the F5, but you'd need to work out which CAS to look on. I think that once logged in, it always uses the same CAS for that OWA session, so it should be easy to find the right CAS, it just a matter of looking at each one until you find it.