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EV OWA 2013 and the Mail App

Created: 05 Dec 2013 | 9 comments

Hi All

I have an issue with the OWA 2013 Mail App.

In so much that from OWA on the Mail app loads fine, and the Search and Archive Explorer pages work fine. However the View and Restore options fail.

From the log it produces in OWA I can see its makes a 503 on trying these, however the Restore and retrievals both work from Outlook 2007 for the same user.

I can see the Shopping baskets being built when trying the view or restores.

Any tips?


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What version of EV?  There is a hotfix that might apply

Hotfix for Enterprise Vault 10.0.3, Build 1090: Unable to restore items to Exchange 2013 mailboxes if they were archived from older versions of Exchange
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Can the same user restore items to their mailbox using the EV search.asp webapp?

What page gets the 503?

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The behavior changed in so much that the log now produces:

EVOMA (ERROR) 11:38:20.483: logAndReportFailure: ItemViewer._messageNotFoundInTime ID[ERROR_RESTORE_ITEM_NOTFOUND] Err[The attempt to retrieve the item for viewing timed out] 

Users can retrieve and restore inside normal Outlook

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When viewing an archived item the app temporally restores the item to a hidden area in the mailbox so that it can be displayed by OWA. When it does this restore it uses the same restore mechanism that is used by the search.asp webapp which is different to the mechanism used when restoring using the Outlook add-in.

It may help isolate the problem area by finding out if the same user can restore items to their mailbox using the EV search.asp webapp.

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Ok so I have it working internally now!

However External Mail App functions still fail :(

The Powershell I used to deploy is:

$Mbx = get-mailbox "jdoe" 
New-App -mailbox $Mbx.LegacyExchangeDN -Url `
("http://EV_server_Name/EnterpriseVault/OfficeMailAppManifest.aspx?LegacyMbxDn=" +
$Mbx.LegacyExchangeDN + "&BaseURL=https://external_EV_Server_Name.domain/EnterpriseVault")
the External EV Server name is available to the outside world, and doesnt have cert errors. However when trying an EV function EV uses the internal EV DNS name.
Any tips? and thanks for helping out, this forum is a great resource
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Does the App fail to load externally? or does it load OK but then the EV actions fail?

If it's the first then check the URLs in the manifest for this user by doing:

Get-App 0cc6d075-e610-4b8a-90c6-1460e6d4d710 -Mailbox "jdoe" | Format-List ManifestXML

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The app uses the base part of the URL from which it was loaded to then call back to the EV server to initiate the actions. If you are saying that the app can be seen to load from the external URL but then goes on to call some other DNS name for the actions I cannot explain the behaviour.