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EV removal question

Created: 05 Sep 2011 | 3 comments

our situation is much like Jean-Louis's as on the secondary DR EV server we are trying to remove, I've stopped Admin svce & Task Controller + directory svce (those were the only services found), then when I tried to remove the Task Controlller svce from EV console I get the error "Could not determine if the EV server running on app-xxx-01 is part of a cluster. Access Denied." 

I am logged in as the ev service account. 

Thanks in advance, 

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So you are trying to remove an EV server from your site that was used for DR.  Are you saying that the DR EV Server is a cluster?

What version of EV?

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Hi Tony, thanks for replying. EV server was installed initially (and presumably when teh "cluster" was setup ) in EV7, since then its been upgraded to 2007-EV8-and now at 9.01. I inherited this & upgraded both nodes from 2k7 to now 9 but the thought was originally to have a DR site node (the same node I'm trying to remove) attach to iscsi storage & set up replication from the main site so in case EV in PROD is not available this node would take over. 

We have since then reclaimed the storage for other use & there's not much use for this node to stick around. 

I dont think there's Windows clustering set up from what I can see. How do I know if it was set up as an EV cluster ? is there a query I can run? I suppose I could just run a add/remove & uninstall but wanted to make sure there is nothing lingering in the DB that could come back & cause havoc. 


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Which server are you on when you try to remove the service, the one you want keep or the one you want remove?

Can you grab a dtrace of mmc while trying to delete the Task Controller?  zip that up and post the results here.