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EV Reports Web site is not responding

Created: 17 Feb 2014 • Updated: 10 Mar 2014 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I am on EV 9 and SQL server 2005 on Windows 2003 32 bit

When trying to access http://<sqlsvr>/Reports via Internet Explorer the browser hangs for a length of time and then I get the following error.

Client found response content type of 'text/html; charset=utf-8', but expected 'text/xml'. The request failed with the error message: -- <html> <head> <title> SQL Server Reporting Services </title><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 9.00.5000.00" /> <meta name="HTTP Status" content="500" /> <meta name="ProductLocaleID" content="9" /> <meta name="CountryLocaleID" content="2057" /> <meta name="StackTrace" content /> <style> BODY {FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-WEIGHT:normal; FONT-SIZE: 8pt; COLOR:black} H1 {FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-WEIGHT:700; FONT-SIZE:15pt} LI {FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-WEIGHT:normal; FONT-SIZE:8pt; DISPLAY:inline} .ProductInfo {FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-WEIGHT:bold; FONT-SIZE: 8pt; COLOR:gray} A:link {FONT-SIZE: 8pt; FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; COLOR:#3366CC; TEXT-DECORATION:none} A:hover {FONT-SIZE: 8pt; FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; COLOR:#FF3300; TEXT-DECORATION:underline} A:visited {FONT-SIZE: 8pt; FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; COLOR:#3366CC; TEXT-DECORATION:none} A:visited:hover {FONT-SIZE: 8pt; FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; color:#FF3300; TEXT-DECORATION:underline} </style> </head><body bgcolor="white"> <h1> Reporting Services Error<hr width="100%" size="1" color="silver" /> </h1><ul> <li>An internal error occurred on the report server. See the error log for more details. (rsInternalError) <a href="" target="_blank">Get Online Help</a></li><ul> <li>Request timed out.</li> </ul> </ul><hr width="100%" size="1" color="silver" /><span class="ProductInfo">SQL Server Reporting Services</span> </body> </html> --.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.

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TonySterling's picture

What happens if you try http://mvfsvrsql/reportserver instead or http://mvfsvrsql/reports.


You might need to take a look at your SQL Reporting installation to make sure it has been configured correctly.

A_J's picture

Hi Ravi,

This is a generic error message that is often followed by a more descriptive error that provides more detail.

To determine the specific cause for this message, review the report server log files, which are located at \Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS.<instancename >\Reporting Services\LogFiles.

Also check the Application log on the Server where we have installed Sql reporting service.