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EV Search report and Boolean operators

Created: 02 Jan 2014 • Updated: 31 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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I have been asked to review an EV search report and I want to be sure what Boolean operators are represented in the search terms section of the report that span two lines on the report.  Questions about the sample report below:

Are the recipients joined together with and AND or and OR? 

Are the Subject and Content search terms on the two separate lines joined together with an AND or an OR? So asked a different way ...  does the search term translate to:

1.  (zip OR zipcode OR "postal code") AND (123456 OR 78912)

2.  zip OR zipcode OR "postal code" OR 123456 OR 789012

3. something else

We are trying to implement this search term (zip OR zipcode OR "postal code") AND (123456 OR 78912) and need to see if this report shows that it was implemented correctly.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.  

180px_Sample EV search term report_0.png

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I can't make out all the report but I do see that it says Any Of so that would mean it is an Or operator.

I am not sure the Subject or Content field is what you want, you should split it into two different criteria boxes with Any of as the operator.  That will give you any of the zip, zipcode, "postal code" in the one box and 123456, 789012 in the other with an And between the two.  You would put each term on one line.

Hope that helps,

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I think you can create 3 rd search criteria for Number (ZIP Code) and choose option any of and mentioned those numbers on seperate line.