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EV server running out of space

Created: 21 Apr 2013 • Updated: 24 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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Hello again everyone,

My EV server is running out of space, and it should stop to work soon.

The SQL Server is on the same server. I know that the best practice is to keep them separated but the costumer preferred this way, with the SQL server and EV Server together.

What I can do to free space on the EV server and put it back online again ?

I can create another SQL server for the next partitions, but what can I clean/move from the EV server ? What will keep growing ?

We are not using EV cache and the Index folders are on the EV server too.

Thanks for the recommendations

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Well obviously if you move SQL to a dedicated server you will be able to move all the databases to it and free up that space but that will only get you so much.

You will need to look at adding storage for the vault store partitions.  Is it a matter of you are out of local disk space?  Is you EV server physical or virtual?  I am going to assume you are just utilizing local storage on a physical machine.  If so, you can utilize SAN or NAS for the vault store partitions and move all of them to the new storage once you configure it.  That should buy you a good bit of local storage for the index locations.

More information about your configuration would help.

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I'd suggest moving your vault store partition data to a NAS.  How much space does that consume/give you back?

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The problem aren't the vault store partitions, since I already use another drive to them....

But as is seens with yhe comments, the only things that grows in EV are Vault Store partitions and vault store partitions DBs, is that right ?

If I move them it should be enough ?

There is a whitepaper or KB that teachs how to move the SQL DBs that are already created ?


ps.: TonySterling, my EV server is on a physical machine, but it hard disk is limited, I warned the costumer, but he didn't listen.... I'm already using another local driver for the vault partitions, but my SQL server is still with the EV server...

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Indexes.. are they local or remote?

Put it another way .. what do you have local?

Consider :

* Vault Store partitions

* SQL Db's

* Indexing

* PST Holding Area

* Temp folder for EV

* Server Cache location (properties of EV server in the VAC)


.. talk about moving SQL DB's.