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EV Site and Server Alias Question

Created: 13 Mar 2013 • Updated: 14 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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I'm confused with EV Site and Server Alias Question. Please anyone can clarify this?

We want to install two EV Server. "EV1" and "EV2"

Now we have two alias for each EV Server "EVA1" pointing to "EV1" and "EVA2" pointing to "EV2"

We have one site Alias "EV"

Now during the first EV Server setup the configuration Wizard says "Enter computer alias: "

Which one should we use here? "EV" or "EVA1" ?

What should we use for 2nd EV Server Setup "EVA2" ?

Many Thanks

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Site Alias is used once when you very first configure enterprise vault
It *used* to be a seperate Alias, so you would have something like

EVServer1 (CName) ->
EVServer2 (CName) ->

Then an alias like
EVSite -> EVServer1

so that way if EVServer1 ever goes away, you could point the site alias to another EV Server
Or if ever goes away, you could point evserver1 to physicalServer2 or 3 etc

From EV8 upwards, the site alias would always be the the alias of the first server to be installed
So you would have EVServer1 ->
And the site alias would be EVServer1

So Site Alias should always point to the Alias'd server, not the physical machine name
Also make sure that when you set the alias up, not to include the domain name, because if you change domains, from say to newCompany.internal, your EV will have that stamped all over it with no ability to change it, and so you'd need DNS entries pointing to that particular server from then on out

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Thanks JW for clarifying the Alias stuffs! Very helpful indeed!