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EV Storage expiry

Created: 22 Jan 2013 • Updated: 23 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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We want to turn on Storage expiry and need to estimate how long it will take to delete the expired items.

We have about 15 Million items to delete from 3851 users totalling 1.5TB in size.

Does anyone have experience of storage expiry throughput rates and could they estimate how long this would take.

If we ran storage expiry 22 hours per day with no auto-archiving - how many days would be required?.

Environment is EV 9 on Win 2008 server.


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Stephen Sage's picture

we have assigned 14 days to clear the backlog - does that sound like enough time?

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That is a really really tough question and almost impossible to answer due to too many variables

Your best bet is to run expiry for an hour and see how many items are deleted and then calculate it out that way, but the storage side will be difficult to determine, even through SQL

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If you e been given 14 days then regardless just do what you suggested now

If it works and you clear the backlog then great
If it doesn't work, well at least you cleared as much as you could, so times of the essence so to speak

Just keep an eye on SQL performance (CPU/disk) etc

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thanks - I think we will have to do a test run as you suggest and try to extrapolate the total time

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One question , do you use Collections at all on your vault store?

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yes we have EMC Centera Collection enabled

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Ah you're on a centera!
OK so the expiry process should go a bit quicker due to the fact that when you delete off of the centera, its going to delete 1 CLIP that will contain up to 100 items or so in it

so if you expire 1000 items, if those clips are full you basically process 10 deletion requests to the centera
as opposed to 1000 individual requests

The real slow down is going to occure with SQL loading up all those users and all those items.

The only thing that might cause issues are if you set the Retention Category in Enterprise Vault to Prevent Deletion, then anything in that retention category will NOT be deleted...OR if you have your centera in Compliance or Governance Mode and you expire based off of Modified Date (Sent/Received Date) and not Archived Date, then you will receive a ton of errors in the event logs

So for instance if you have a Retention Category of 2 years
You sent/recieved an item on 01/01/2011 and archived on 01/01/2012
EV would try and expire it on 01/01/2013 because thats 2 years after the sent/received date
But it would error out on the centera because its only been archived for one year and not two years, and wouldn't be eligible for expiry until 01/01/2014

But if you are expiring based on archived date and you havent changed the retention periods in EV, you should be ok if you are in governance or compliance mode

If you are in a stanrdard mode on the centera without compliance then you won't get any errors from deleting on modified or archived date

If your retention is not set to prevent user deletions then you won't have any issues either from that point