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EV task situation check

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 04 Mar 2013 | 10 comments
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I am working with EV script for check ev backup status,dik size, msmq size,journal item count,EV services...

I done most of the things, server send this script result daily via mail.

I coudnt check EV mbx, journal,task is working or not!

How can i check their status and write easy script (vith ev schell?)    

As you know, my script checking EV services but all of the services can run but tasks maybe failed!


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What are you scripting it in?
I can do it in C#, should be easy enough to port to VBS though

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No just small batch file.

Are there any mechanism to check task situation ,working or not?

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this is the best i could come up with. otherwise, like Alex said, you might need to code it.

How to stop and start Veritas Enterprise Vault (tm) task from the command line, using "evservice.exe"
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Thanks Andrew,

there is start,stop,resume option but there is no "status" option?

if i get current tasks situaitons foexample;

exchange mailbox archiving task  --  running

exchange journaling task   --failed

pst migration task     -- stopped

Then i can write it easly to output file and send via mail.


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are there any idea to check EV tasks situation?


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i'll see if i can get it in to vbscript for you, but what are the other tasks you've written it as?

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mailbox archiving task ecxh1, exch2.... (1 or more ecxhange mailbox archiving tasks)

and journal task 1,2... is enough for me.

Other taks are not important like these.


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Thinkng about it, your best bet is the following query

SELECT T.Name, TM.Status, TM.EntryTime
FROM   EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.Task T,
       EnterpriseVaultMonitoring.dbo.TaskMonitoring TM
WHERE  TM.TaskId = T.TaskEntryId

This will give you each task and its status, 1 = running, 0 = stopped there will be different numbers for processing, failed etc, though not sure what they are. Monitoring should update these every 15 minutes or so

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Thanks,it is usefull for me, i can use status 0-1 section in my script.

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You also have any query to take "Status" section?

i done most of the disks,smsq,services,task status,vss in one script.

I also want to add  system status section on the VAC. (eeors,warnings..)

They stored In which sql table?