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EV upgrade from 9.0 to 10.0.2

Created: 17 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,

I would like to share you how to upgrade Enterprise Vault 9.0 to 10.0.2. with Compliance and Discovery Accelator

Previously i was using Enterprise Vault 9.0 on Windows 2k8 Standard Platform and i would like to upgrade to 10.0.2. So for 10.0.2 you need Windows 2k8 R2 platform. The Below steps perfomed while doing tis upgrade:

  1. Take a Full Backup for EV.
  2. Take the SQL DB backup (All EV DB backup).
  3. Take the backup of EV folder.
  4. Verify the Backup integrity.
  5. Take the Screen shots of EV, SQL & IIS versions with SP1
  6. Take the Screen shot of the Drive (Partions) on EV server (Volumes present from SAN storage).
  7. Format the Machine.
  8. Install the Windows 2k8 R2 Editions.
  9. Check all the Drive letter is same as appears in Old Severfrom SAN (It should be same as it in old server)
  10. Update the windows by running windows update.
  11. Install and configured IIS.
  12. Install .Net 3.5 SP1
  13. Install and configured SQL with SP.
  14. Attach all the DB in SQL (Either restoring from Backup or if it on SAN munt it from SAN)
  15. Install outlook on EV server
  16. Install the EV vault (Install the Same version as it installed previously).
  17. Do not run the EV configuration Wizard. Run the below query first.
  18. Open the SQL and run the below query to clear the storage ID and capture the old Storage ID
  19. This query is run on the Enterprise Vault Directory DB

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
UPDATE StorageServiceEntry
SET StorageArchive = ' ', StorageRestore = ' ', StorageReplayIndex = ' ', StorageSpool = ' '
UPDATE RetrievalTask
SET RetrievalSpoolQueue = ' '
UPDATE ArchivingRetrievalTask
SET MessageQueue = ' '
UPDATE RetrievalTask
SET MessageQueue = ' '
UPDATE JournalTask
SET MessageQueue = ' '
UPDATE PublicFolderTask
SET MessageQueue = ' '

  1. If the above query successfully completed. Run the EV configuration Wizard.
  2. Open the EV console all the Policy and Configuration comes back.
  3. Check mail archiving and mail restore from the client outlook. If its works fine upgrade EV.
  4. Mount the DVD for upgrading EV example 9.0 to 9.03
  5. Stop if you are using Compliance and Discovery Accelerator.
  6. Upgrade the Compliance and Discovery Accelerator first and then EV.
  7. Check mail archiving and mail restore from the client outlook.

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Well described. You might also have had the possibility to use the Server Migration Wizard.

This takes a 'snapshot-template' of the EV-settings of EV9.

When done upgrading the server (and having run the EV10SP2 Deployment Scanner to verify the prereqs are ok), you install EV10SP2 (which includes a step that installes the required OS-prereqs). When done, run the Server Migration Wizard again, and now import the 'snapshot-template'. This will configure the new server correctly, and will also perform the upgrade for you.

It basically does the same, as you do, except for reinstalling EV9 to be able to upgrade to 10. That is skipped, as you go straight to 10. But, good listing of steps!

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Thanks. Yes sure we will use the server mizgration wizard but i am much more comfortable with the above mentioned steps.

Thanks & Regards

Sachin Srivastava

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Just a quick question - any reason why you did not do an in-place upgrade from windows 2008 to windows 2008 R2? Im assuming you were on the x64 version of windows 2008, since the 32 bit is not supported. It would have been a lot easier.

Also, while the script is fine for a single server on its own, or if doing ALL machines at the same time, you will want to use the script from the migration guide if doing servers at separate times, or only part of an environment needs upgrading:

page 26 of the pdf here :

Additionally you have missed configuration steps out, like registry settings, custom configuration files(you back them up but dont restore), OWA, EVOM etc

Sorry to be a bit of an ar$e - it's always good to have new content on the forum and it is great you are contributing, but your steps are very specific to your environment. Im glad it is all working for you, but there is good official documentation on this -the upgrade_instructions.pdf document provided on the install media is very comprehensive and should always be used as a reference so all bits of an environment are covered. You've missed too many parts...



Jeff Shotton

Principal Consultant

Adept-tec Ltd

Website: here

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the Response.

We can not upgrade directly from windows 2008 to R2 edition we need to format the system.

That's why we had follwed the above steps. If you can refer to the point no 19 that before running EV configuration we had run the query to update the table and attach the old EnterpriseVaultDirectory DB from the SAN storage.

It's working fine.

Thanks & Regards

Sachin Srivastava