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Created: 29 Jan 2013 | 5 comments

Hello together,

got a question about EV on WAN. Fist, let me describe our environement.

We are running EV10 on a central location. Means we have one EV server containing everything on it except the SQL DBs.We have europeanwide a couple of remote offices. In these remote offices, we have users using EV. They are connected over WAN (2MBit mpls) line. Our Exchange Server (Exchange 2010) is also located in the central location. So EV and Exchange are at the same location.Today I got a request from our networking department, that they could see in the network monitoring, that from one location very huge data transfer from the location towards EV server is uploaded.

Short about what features we are using.

As I said, EV10 with Vault Cache and Virtual Vault. Archiving is daily and VC amount is 15% of free disk space.

We could see in the monitoring that the traffic towards EV us groving in the morning hours and keeps staying during the whole day. So this means, if the users switch on their PCs there is kind of data transfer. So there must be synchronisation between Outlook/Exchange/EV.

My question is why we have a such huge amonut of upload? I mean I would understand if we had a download (cache etc.) but why a high upload? What is EV uploading? Is there any way to see what exactly is uploaded? And which service I can switch off to limit the upload?

Thanks in advance

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Hello contonso,

It might be that you have the VC/VV policy set to allow users to put archive items from the VC. This means users in the remote locations can drop items in the Virtual Vault, which then will be send to the EV server. (ie manual archiving)

Check your desktop policy, Advanced tab, dropdown Virtual Vault, at the bottom of that list you see:

Users can Archive Items. Also any 'reconfiguration' they do within Virtual Vault, will be synced to the server.

Also, are you perhaps also running PST Migration? Then you might be uploading PST files to a central holding repository on the EV server.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Do your users have the ability to drag and drop data from their mailbox (or PST file) in to Virtual Vault?  If they do this, and a synchronisation runs then all that data will be uploaded to the EV server.

Look on your EV server IIS logs for uploaditem.aspx

You should also be able to do some analysis on the IIS logs to find out ..

a/ Which users were uploading

b/ How much data they sent (roughly)

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Hi Gertjan, hi Rob,

Thanks for your responses. Indeed our users have the option of archiving manualy (VV). I just have double checked. But the file "uploaditem.aspx" was empty. Could not find any statistics in this file. PST migration is currently not in use. But our users can of course move manulay items into thier mailbox or VV. I mean if they move 1-2 mails that should not be a problem but moving folders etc. yes this could have negative effects. Therefore we informed our users to be carefully while moving data into mailbox or archive. Total disabling this feature is currently not possible.

The other thing is, I checked the archive size of 10 users in this remote office and could count more than 200GB of archive size. And these are only 10 users. This location has about 70 users. So could it be because they have realy huge Archives?

And what happens, if an user moves items inside of the VV? Is there also some upload activities then?

Thanks and regards

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You are looking for uploaditem.aspx in your IIS logs, it will show who uploaded, and how much.

That is items which are being uploaded through virtual vault.

If you're seeing a lot of traffic FROM the remote site to the EV server..  then look for that in your iis logs.

Moving things around should be much 'lighter' on network traffic.

Look for UpdateArchiveFolderHierarchy.aspx, and UpdateArchivedItemMetadata.aspx