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EV10 - Bulk Email Search & Recall

Created: 07 Dec 2012 • Updated: 07 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have sites with EV installed, along with DA - and this functionality is designed into the DA product.

Where a site is not running Journal Archiving, and no DA installed - is there a way to search archived email and 'bulk' recall the emails identified within the search ?  I cannot see (without having Journal Arching in place) how I can search all of the archives in one swoop - and then how would I recall the emails back to their original location in an automated fashion ?

The site has performed a query on the mailboxes looking for specific text in the emails.  As they store the first 1000 characters in each shortcut they have identified many emails - but a significant portion of these are archived and therefore just return the shortcut.  The customer wishes to recall all of these identifed emails.  One shortcoming of the search is of course that they have only searched the first 1000 characters of each of the archived emails - so could well have missed the search string in the archived emails if they are longer than 1000 characters.

This is a long shot - but is there some form of utility (similar to FSAUtil) which would assist in this ?



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Sorry but no, you would have to try to use the built-in search tools but that will not allow you to search all the archives at once.

It sounds like they might be in need of a discovery tool, such as DA or Clearwell.

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As I thought - but thanks for the input.


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The search.asp page does actually allow you to search all vaults...

...and you could add the results to a basket and then issue a restore...



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Hey Jeff,

You are correct that it is possible to search all the archives at once but that isn't really what the search.asp was designed for.  Plus, they want the items stored back to the original location and I am not sure the basket would be the best way to do that.  That is why I didn't recommend that.