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EV10 Pros and Cons of Enabling / Disabling Centera Collection?

Created: 22 Mar 2013 • Updated: 22 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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What are the Pros and Cons of Enabling / Disabling Centera Collection? We have two replicated Centera for FSA Archiving.

There is an option to enable Centera Collection. Just want to know whether we should enable it or not and therefore need to understand what are the pros and cons of enabling or not enabling Centera Collection.

Many Thanks in advance

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Typically items are indexed faster when you have centera collections enabled because it indexes from the temp collections area and not pulling the item back from the centera

Also storage expiry is a lot quicker because EV groups items in to a single clip all with the same retention category
So technically you might do one delete request to the centera that deletes a clip of 100 items instead of 100 requests for individual items in clips

Older centeras had a limitation on the number of objects that could be stored so collections definitely was the way to go

If you do DBInits, they could be faster with fewer clips

As for the cons, the storagefilewatch process that processes centera collections creates ten threads and if those threads did they do not get restarted until you restart storage

This means if they die, the collections area can grow and grow and grow and I've seen some very painful cases where it's grown to hundreds of gigabytes in size and getting it back to normal has been painful