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EV10 Public Folder 64bit Index Upgrade - Server Rebooted

Created: 06 Feb 2013 • Updated: 01 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


We were upgrading our public folder indexes to 64bit when the server was rebooted due to low memory. We have over 27 million items in that vault.....

The upgrade got to 16 million items before the server was rebooted (after 3 checkpoints). We were ensured that rebooting the server would not have any adverse effect on the upgrade and it will simply carry on after the reboot, however this is not the case.

We have a large number of public folders that can no longer access any of the archived emails due to the permissions being wiped from the folder. This is confirmed when we look in the Permission Browser and can see no permissions replicated. Now this has happened before and a simply rerun of the Archiving Task reapplies those permissions, however in this case the archiving tasks no longer run.


1. When we start the Archiving Task, the event is logged in the logs - Starting to process the Public Folder Task 'Exchange Public Folder Task for ExchangeServer' against ExchangeServer - then nothing. It simply terminates

2. Dtraced PublicFolderTask - Logfile attached under PubArc.log

56550 15:16:32.565  [8708] (EVIndexVolumesProcessor) <Delete index volumes (0):9120> EV~E |Event ID: 41352 The processing of the Delete index volume has stopped following errors.|Delete index volume ID: 161B4035E8D5D3B48AFB95EB2B01885BA1110000EVMAILSITE_81323|Reason: <none>|Error Type: NonCritical|Description: Indexing engine unreachable.

3. The EV logs show repeated errors for Index Volume Processor

4. Dtracing the EVIndexVolumeProcessor - Logfile attached under EVIVP.log

There are simply to many errors in this log I'm a little lost of where to start. Has anyone come across this problem before as we really need to start the Archiving Tasks to reapply the permissions?

Many thanks to any that respond

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Best thing to do is reinstall the evbinaries so it refreshes all the DCOM packages, reregisters the IIS virtual directories and also each DLL file etc

This fixes most indexing engine issues

That being said, a reboot should not have caused anything like this and permissions on the public folders would be another issue and would not rely on indexing at all, which suggests a larger issue

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The loss of permissions is a known issue for us. It's caused by low resources on the servers which terminates the task pary way through the scan. As it fails it removes the permissions. That we can fix quite easily rerunning the archive task however can't due to it failing

I've never had to reinstall the evbinaries so not sure how to do that. Is there a guide anywhere?

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Just run setup.exe and next next finish and reboot

All the config info is written to the databases, you won't lose any configuration data, none of your custom files or custom reg keys will be changed or deleted