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EV11 - W2K12 - FSA - Evt ID 6481 - Unable to archive anything

Created: 18 Jun 2014 | 7 comments

Hello here,

I just create a fresh install of Enterprise Vault 11 on a Windows 2012 server. The installation process worked well.

But i'm unable to archive anything, the process report 0 file matched..

When i'm forcing the process, the following error appear in the event log with the event ID 6481:

Error accessing Vault Store.

 [Internal reference RA/GS]
 [VaultId = 1E1B6EB13005793449B4E2FC1B873525F1210000archiveciml]

I also run a dtrace which gave me the following error :

553    15:37:53.925     [6376]    (EvFsaArchivingTask)    <7688>    EV:H    {CVaultStorePartitionCache::LoadEntry:#496} Failed to load partition info for Vault Store [1E1B6EB13005793449B4E2FC1B873525F1210000archiveciml] from Directory: [0xc00418e5]
554    15:37:53.925     [6376]    (EvFsaArchivingTask)    <7688>    EV:H    {CVaultStorePartitionCache::ReadEntry:#140} Failed to read partition info for Vault Store [1E1B6EB13005793449B4E2FC1B873525F1210000archiveciml] : [0xc00418e5]
555    15:37:53.925     [6376]    (EvFsaArchivingTask)    <7688>    EV:H    {CArchiveAssister::OpenDatabase} (Exit) Status: [Exception occurred.  (0x80020009)]
556    15:37:53.925     [6376]    (EvFsaArchivingTask)    <7688>    EV~E    Event ID: 6481 Error accessing Vault Store.| [Internal reference RA/GS]| [VaultId = 1E1B6EB13005793449B4E2FC1B873525F1210000archiveciml]|(null) |

Any idea to help me resolve this issue ?

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What type of storage are you using?


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have you created a vault store and vault store partition?

if so, what partition type did you choose and is it set to open?

if yes, does the vault service account have full access to the storage location you configured?

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Yes i created a vault store and a vault store partition.

The partition type is NTFS and it is set to Open.

And the service account got full right on the storage location.

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I just noticed that the vault ID in the error was 1E1B6EB13005793449B4E2FC1B873525F1210000archiveciml

But, my VaultStore ID is 1D05875516775C241BB92EFB75C8C187A1210000archiveciml and my VaultStore Ptn ID is 11F1052D8AE11C14B9E3AD5D24729C48D1q10000archiveciml

This is probably where the error come from. How i can modify those id or resolve this issue.


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Hi Alexandre

Were you successful in finding a resolution to this issue - I am having the same issue...reinstalled and removed databases but the same reference to a (seemingly) old VaultID is reported.