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EV8 - decommissioning EV Environment

Created: 24 Jun 2013 • Updated: 22 Mar 2015 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a customer who wants to decommission his entire EV environment (strange but true), and therefore I need to re-ingest the data into Exchange / File-Servers.

I note that from within the VAC I can select to Export archives back to their original mailboxes (watching for quota's etc.) - however I want to send all of the archives back to Exchange, is there not a utility to do this ?

The customer is on EV802, running on Windows Server 2003.

I am also considering archives which no longer have mailboxes associated with them (users who have left and been deleted from Exchange / AD).  How are these best managed ?

When considering FSA, I also need to do a bulk recall of archived files.  What is the best way to do this and what is the procedure when the file server from which these were archived no longer exists ?



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You can export the archives back to the mailbox... from the VAC.  There is no external utility to do that.

You can also go to PST instead, if you want to.

Archives which no longer have mailboxes you can go back to PST. Or you can create a new account and associate the archive with that.

For FSA you will have to use FSAUtility.

Some/All of these can be done using third party programs such Archive Shuttle and FSA Migrator from QUADROtech. There are other vendors too.

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Thanks Rob.  Must I do them individually or can I batch them up ?


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Export Archive allows you to select multiple archives.

So yes you can batch them up.

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OK - the plot thickens after a review of activity onsite. 

Firstly - the FSA data is not in scope, all required data has been recovered via manual methods and this may now be ignored.

Secondly - Exchange (the only item left in-scope).  In the recent past the customer had an issue with the Exchange environment and spun up a new Exchange server and migrated users to it.  At present not fully certain as to the procedure followed but there was no consideration given to EV during this process.

At present, users with archived email can still access the EV archived mail via the shortcuts, and any attachments within so all is good.  However - when attempting to re-ingest the archives to Exchange the EV server has no knowledge of the new Exchange server, and there are no mailboxes on the old Exchange server - so an export to mailbox is not possible.

Whilst I could export all of the mailboxes to PST and give these to the users this is not a good solution - I want to import the archive contents to the users mailboxes which are sitting on the new Exchange server.

In order to achieve this do I need to add in the new Exchange server to the EV environment (after performing all the required pre-reqs like system mailbox, permisssions etc.), and if I do that will the mailboxes on the new Exchange server then be available for selection when I perform the export to Original Mailbox or Export to Alternate Mailbox ?

Also, a side questiion here is as follows:  If an email has been archived from a sub-folder of the Inbox, and the sub-folder (and shortcut) have subsequently been deleted (policies allowing shortcut delete only and item remains in the archive) when I export the archive to the mailbox where will the archived mail go ?  Will the export fail on the item or will the sub-folder be recreated ?