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EV9 - Leavers not archiving all messages

Created: 03 Jul 2014 • Updated: 28 Jul 2014 | 19 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Wondering if anyone can help.

I've got a provisioning group configured for leavers and set to also be able to do disabled accounts and hidden mailboxes.

Anyway seems to work but every so often there is some calendar entries left behind or 1 or 2 contract groups.

all messages types enabled

archiving set to 0 days

calendar is also set to include future events.

But some acceptances are not being done from inbox

Operating Systems:

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Yes sorry mean message classes when i typed message types.

ev_general.jpeg ev_rules.jpeg ev_shortcut.jpeg ev_Classes.jpeg
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i would take off the quota and do it aged based only and also untick the "start with items larger than" option.

see if that makes a difference. also, noticed your policy settings and wondering are you using Exchange Managed Folders?

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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It would be interesting to a report mode run of that mailbox to see what EV thinks the reason are not being archived.

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Html report shows.  2439 items ineligible under policy?

I've got Archive Deleted Items, Archive Draft Items, Archive Expired Calendar events

Sorry I made a glaring mistake in subject line it's Ev for Exhcange is 10.0.4 for this one

ev_advanced 1.jpeg ev_advanced 2.jpeg ev_advanced 3.jpeg
Report.xlsx 10.25 KB
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Your archiving actions don't appear to be a 0 day policy...

They're quota & age based...

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I did make the alterations Andrew mentioned.  Archiving strategy is now based on age and 0 days is set.

unchecked the overiding settings as well.

Is it possible that it's archiving them but just doesn't sent them to shortcuts or delete them for certain message classes and folders.

Was reading this thread.

Most of what is left is all calendar appointments.

I checked in the archive explorer for some of the missing ones and not finding them Calendar entries are from various months and years.

Also I can open the mailbox and manually choose to archive the calendar entry from mailbox folder

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It's odd.

You could try our tool called Archive Leavers, it does the job without this sort of problem.

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I looked at that tool.  But I don't want to export them to disk. 

Is it possible to just force the archive all items without exporting

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FWIW it doesn't export them to disk, at all:

When the tool is called to run against a specified mailbox the tool will connect to the mailbox, archive all non-archived items, remove them, and then delete all existing shortcuts. The end result is that you will have an empty mailbox.

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Thanks Rob,

I will have another look at the utility.

If it works good maybe I can put a script together so that it pulls all the mbxalias for the users in a OU Container and then processes them onces a night.

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Do you have any special regkeys set?do a manual run now against that mailbox and dtrace archivetask

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Take a look at the items in the mailbox, which message class are they?

We added an "IPM.Schedule*" class for some meeting related emails which were not archived with the default classes.

(We also added an "IPM.Sharing*" for Sharepoint related messages, we now use "IPM*" in our Leavers policy.)

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How did you add those classes via registry key?

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You add them on the properties of the Directory first.. then on the policy.

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Thanks that great will have a look at those scripts.

Also found this nice IPM list but doesn't cover sharepoint ones.

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We found "IPM.Sharing*" covered our Sharepoint related messages but as Rob says just use IPM.*, if it's a leaver policy I'd assume you want to grab all content from the mailboxes?