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EV9 on MSCS Cluster - how to move MSMQ to new disk

Created: 22 Jul 2013 • Updated: 06 May 2015 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.
I have Enterprise Vault 9.0.2 running on an Microsoft Cluster (active/passive) on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server SP2. We want to move the msmq storage location but 
we  cannot simply open Computer Management and goto the Message Queueing object and change the storage path as you would on a standalone EV server. On a clustered system you don't even see the queues under MSMQ unless you open ClusterCompMgmt on the active node. Under ClusterCompMgmt you can see the queues but there is NO storage tab available under the properties of Message Queueing. 

Is there a way to migrate MSMQ storage to a new disk under a MSCS cluster? 

I tried this solution : didn't work : 

On the Point 5. I removed the dependencies but after that when I wanted to confirm it. The cluster tell that is mandatory to have one storage dependencies 
On the Point 6. When I wanted to delete the ressouces msmq directly, the cluster automatically tell me that he want to delete the other ressources liike EVAdmin Service, EV Directory Service, Indexing service; Shopping service, Task controller service. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

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For point 6, I would remove the MSMQ dependencies from the Enterprise Vault resources first. So, if you try to remove the MSMQ resource, it won't ask you to remove the EV resources as well. However, if you remove the MSMQ resource and there are messages in the queues, you will lose all those messages. My suggestion .... open a ticket with Microsoft tech support since this issue is more Microsoft related.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks I wil try in 3 weeks because I will go on holiday.

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Just to inform you, Clustered MSMQ moved successfully in one other forum thread by following steps.

A. Firstly we need to verify that MSMQ queue is 0

B. Before bringing the MSMQ resource online in steps 8, We need to add the dependencies.

1. In the Failover Cluster Management console, expand Cluster_name | Services and Applications | Server_name
2. Bring all resources offline including the Disk Drive resource for MSMQ
3. Browse to the MSMQ folder location and move the msmq folder to a backup location; Ie. M:\storage\msmq
4. Go to properties of the MSMQ Resource | Dependencies tab
5. Take note of the EV resource listed which should be listed as the server name and Delete it. Click OK and choose Yes when prompted.
6. Right-click on the MSMQ Resource and choose Delete. Click Yes when prompted
7. Expand Cluster_name > Services and Applications > Server_name > Add a resource > More Resources > B - Add Message Queuing
8. Bring this resource online and go to the Properties and Dependencies tab
9. Add the EV resource name that was deleted in step 5. Also add the msmq resource dependency and click OK.
10. Bring all resources back online and confirm EV is now functional again