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EV9.04 exchange 2010 outlook 2013

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 28 Feb 2013 | 7 comments
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few month, we upgrade our exchange 2003 to exchange 2010. Some issu with the outlook web acces (network know issu), but everything else, is working very well.

Since this morning, I update my Outlook 2007 client for Outlook 2013.

The enterprise vault add-in witch was an old one, failed asap I open OE 2013.

On this forum I read some help, who told to use EV 10 client add in.

I Did.

90% of my option work... but one of then are down. It's the Vault cache (who provide me to scroll the folder under my outlook view). Since 2007 to 2010, under "Archive center  My Name" there is nothing.

But if I use the archive explorer, it's ok, I have all my archive.

I try a reset vault cache folder. He synchronize (very long time with a lot of downloading item... my archive are set up since 2009), but still nothing under the archive center (or virtual vault, i'm confuse with the name, as my is in french "centre d'archivage".

Maybe Outlook 2013 are not recommended with enterprise vault 9.0.4 ?

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AmolB's picture

As of now OL 2013 is only supported by EV 10.0.3

Refer to Pg#50 of the compatibility chart

DelphineFR's picture


it's so bad... because only vault cache wont working.

Anyway, let's back to outlook 2007 or 2010.

thank you.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

Use the 10.0.3 Outlook Add-in.  It works with a 9.x server....

DelphineFR's picture

Hi Rob,

That what I did, but unfortunatly, the vault cache wont work. He synchronize very well, but under the view "vault cache" or in french "centre d'archive" nothing...

The only way to use/see the archive, is the "search archive".

Anything else are empty. I dont see for exemple the different folder name. But with a key word search I could retrieve my archive.

So I could not proceed by this way for my user...I could use it because i'm administrator. But a user wont be happy with that.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

What OS is it on?

Have you tried uninstalling the current Outlook Add-in and reinstalling it...

And .. have you got some more information on what you see, or don't see? what happens if you try to synchronise?

DelphineFR's picture

Seven 64b.

I uninstall, reinstall, try a lot of version.

I'm actually reinstallaging 2010 client.

The Sync was working perfectly, has he told me on the windows pop up. (I reset the cache to check it. more than 20 000 mail to download, work fine, but after the download, if I try to check it under the "vault" folder, on my outlook client, nothing Ihave nothing, no folder under it, no mail.

If I lauch the icon "vault explorer" It's the same thing : I see the name of my vault store, but nothing under it.

The only think that is working fine is the search icon. But I know why, he connect to an url "ev.mydomain" and dont use outlook.

As I finish to install 2010 (It's quiet diffcult after 2013... it broke me all my office installation grrr!! I will made some print screen, to understand what's working on 2010, and what"s not working on 2013.

DelphineFR's picture

I retrieve my outlook 2007 as well my archive.

Here some print screen that's working on OE 2007 and was not yesterday available.

I will retry the OE2013 on another computer, because it's was a war to restore outlook 2007 after having 2013...

I let you know.