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Evaluate Backup Exec 2012 - without affecting B.E. 2010 production backups

Created: 06 Dec 2012 | 3 comments

We are current running Backup Exec 2010 in our production environment. We do Full Saves on Thur to go offsite, Full on Friday to stay onsite, and incremental saves the other days of the week. All of the 2010 saves are set to ‘Use the Archive Bit (Reset Archive Bit).  

 I am also testing Backup Exec 2012 in Trial and would like to be able to do saves during the week that will not affect my production incremental saves. I’m a bit confused on the my options in 2012 – If I use the ‘By modified time’ Backup method, will it leave the Archive bit alone so my production saves are not affected?

Thank You

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Why are you using multiple backupjobs for

  1. full offsite 1
  2. full onsite 2

Isn't it easier to make a full on thursday and perform a duplicate job on friday. In this way two backupsets are identical and you don't need to check the archive bit nor the modified times. It will work a lot easier. For the rest of the days I just would like to backup differential.

Prerequisite is ofcourse the need of two tape drives.

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Drives are an issue - We currently use 3 for our 2010 backups (one for each server).  I'm using my spare drive on a different server where 2012 is installed. I am running the 2012 backups against our live files and I want to verify the Archive bit is not reset in 2012 so our live incremental backups do not skip any files backed up using 2012.  I have a very short expiration for the testing.

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If you use the Modified Time method for your BE 2012 test machine, the archive bit will not be reset and your production BE 2010 jobs will not be affected.  The modified time method does not examine the archive bit.  It uses a timestamp in the BEDB to determine what needs to be backed up.